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March 24, 2014

Flow (Part Deux)...

Good morning, lovely friends & readers. Did you catch my uncharacteristically vulnerable post a week or so ago about flow? I wanted to touch on the topic again. What is "flow" anyway? The feeling of "flow" is a difficult one to describe. It is not a temporary mood or a way of outwardly behaving. It is a sustained feeling - no, a deep rooted knowledge - that you and your entire life are moving along the path that God has intended for you. A "knowing" that things moving along the way they should.

Flow is difficult to describe, impossible to manufacture and not visible (and clearly not easily communicated) to others. It's a feeling as much as it is a belief. Is any of this resonating with you? Essentially... you live your life in this state of personal flow by letting that inner voice guide you...or you don't. I won't go into my personal thoughts on what that inner voice is... but for me this source of guidance is very specific. I'm either truly in sync with it or not. And when I authored the last post on the topic that consistent "voice" within was oddly mute. It was as if someone changed the channel and all I was getting was static. Where was my guidance? What, exactly, was going on? It was so very, very strange. My internal GPS was turned off, so to speak. 

I have lived in a state of flow for so long that I could not recall what being out of flow was like. So... how, exactly, did I get my groove back? Through action. I learned years ago that the best way to edit my thoughts was to edit my surroundings. And so, the great cleanse of 2014 began. From deep cleaning every closet, cabinet and pantry in my home to eliminating processed foods, I began to get rid of the "clutter" in my life. As longtime readers know, I love to edit my things. If it isn't fabulous and it doesn't serve some heroic purpose in life it might just need to be donated or sold. 

For a few weeks I've also been kicking up my yoga routine. "Moving meditation" - as my favorite instructor calls it, is how I connect with my thoughts and the inner working of my deepest self. Think of it as mindful prayer with an intense full body workout. Yes, it's that good and you should try it

In addition to a massive life edit and more intense workouts I've been streamlining what I expend my energy on. Family, friends, clients, personal projects - the cream really does rise to the top. All distractions have been eliminated as I've allowed myself to focus on what really matters. 

Fast forward to today: I'm so truly in flow again. I don't recall when or how it happened, but it seems as though the signal started coming though again about four days ago. Was it my advanced vinyasa flow? My tackled to-do list? My prayers? My long talks with those I love? Yes. All of that.

It was as much what I did as what I ceased doing. You can't find "flow" by looking for it. Instead you have to get going and DO something. Think of it as writer's block on life. You can't write your way out. You must simply get busy doing other things - better things. Set your mind free with a massive life edit. This, lovely readers is the course I took. I stopped serving distractions and in the process rediscovered my flow and my intuition.

It's great to be on course again (even if being "off" was invisible to everyone else) but it's even better having the knowledge that I'm a better person that I was a mere two weeks ago. By taking consistent action in every area and working hard to create forward momentum, I improved myself and my life.

This morning I sit as my desk with a spotless house, polished floors, more toned legs, a refrigerator full of fresh foods and a feeling of accomplishment for all the client work I've completed in the past few weeks. I'm also feeling far more connected as a wife, mother, friend and daughter. Through consistent movement and focused action I've got my groove back and even brought more joy to those around me.

What will you do today to become a better you? 

What the beautiful people are saying...

Poignant post! I find that acupuncture really helps me stay in the flow!

Exactly. We all have ways of staying in flow. Its essential! Those of us who know flow cant imagine living without it!

So glad you found "your flow" again! I like how you put yourself in motion to take positive actions toward your intended result. Like we say in Pilates, "Movement heals!" This can be interrupted in so many ways!! Have a beautiful week.

Franki, about one month ago, I started a new morning routine described and implemented by Hal Elrod. He calls it the Morning Miracle. It is a very intentional series of routines to start your day. Since I began this routine, my focus and business has increased in indescribable ways!! It is awesome!

Something to say, gorgeous?

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