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March 22, 2014



As the weather shifts into bloom it readies me for one thing: my annual spring closet edit. Armed with a focus on classic pieces and a desire to have less "extra" in my wardrobe I begin to shift my attention on icons. The natural target, of course, is the original First Lady of style... Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Even in her downtime she represents the epitome of style. There is nothing garish or trendy about her. There is nothing forced or overt. Yet, in her classic styling is an air of confidence, an attention to tailored fit and an eye for extraordinary details. You notice the4 beauty of the woman, not the clothes... and yet the clothing is fabulous.

Jackie is indeed my closet edit inspiration this year. It bears mentioning that "classic" is not the same as "basic" - they are in fact not interchangeable terms. Classic calls to mind the ultimate LBD, tailored and fabulous. The perfect white denim, form fitting but not overtly tight. A perfect blazer, tailored and feminine. These are foundational pieces you deserve to own. You need to own. Perhaps ridding those "almost right" and "not quite" pieces in the closet will free up the space and the resources to acquire those things which make you happy. They certainly will for me.

If you look at Jackie's wardobe over the years you'll see repeats on a theme: white pants, black short sleeved tees, white button up blouses... she has range, but can always count on her classic staples to land her on the "stylish" list. Remember Diane Von Furstenberg's approach to your clothes? Diane offers that when you open the door to your closet you should be greeted by "friends" you can't wait to see each day. It's a simple philosophy, but I suspect some of us have a contentious relationship with our wardrobe. You shouldn't. You should feel giddy about every piece of apparel you own. It doesn't have to be a squin encrusted jacket to warrant applause... in my book a pair of jeans with flawless fit are worthy of an award. You deserve to love each item you own. If not, why hold on to it? Set it free. Someone else might be eager to own it.

I'm feeling the need for a good "swap party" with girlfriends this spring. Rolling racks full of our cast-offs and an afternoon of wallet-free shopping. Have you done this? Have you enjoyed it? How did it turn out? Do share! 


What the beautiful people are saying...

I haven't attended a clothing swap party but I really like this idea. Perhaps I'll have to organize one!

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