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Authored by Dallas-based luxury lifestyle blogger Franki Durbin. Celebrating the very best life has to offer.

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March 30, 2014

Armed & Fabulous...


No calendar is ever too full to squeeze in an arm party. It is the spring trend du jour, although I would argue that this style statement has been going strong for well over a year. I attribute much of the success of this style choice to the abundance of gorgeous bracelets on the market. Think of the iconic Hermes leather studded cuff - a Sartorialist subject staple. It has long been the "must have" object to house in one's jewelry treasure trove. Only now, we are encouraged to wear all of our bracelets at once.

There are many manifestations of the look, of course. Some of us adhere to a look of mixed metals and nary a color in sight. Others load up on candy colored bracelets worthy of a Dylan's Candy Bar photo shoot. Still others evoke a more bohemian appearance with hand-knotted options and more natural elements. The daring among us load up with edgy rocker chic pieces. Which are you? It might change from day to day or hour to hour. Therein lies the beauty of this style statement - you can stack them any way you like and change it up on a whim.

If looking in your stash of baubles & bling makes you keenly aware of your lack of supplies, never fear. I've got the roundup of goods you need to kick start this arm party. My only suggestion to you is that you layer with variety. I prefer to mix chains with cuffs and bangles but keep the inventory mostly of the link variety. Too many cuffs or bangles stiffens the look and creates too much noise of both the visual and the audio variety. Mixing metals is greatly encouraged and the more diverse the textures, the better. If you are a fan of one-stop-shopping, Tory Burch's options simply cannot be beat. She's got the lock on this look and offers the widest range of styles to choose from. But in the end, you must make this look your own by injecting personality and your own unique spin on your arm party. Make it yours. Make it modern. Make it eye catching and - above all else - don't force it.

And since I'm an investment shopper, meaning I only spend on items that boast longevity and lasting appeal, this makes the arm party even more inviting. On their own, each individual bracelet is a style star. Only add those pieces you truly love to your collection. Should the day arise (and surely it will) when we are no longer stacking gold and silver up to our elbows, you'll still have a gorgeous collection of individual pieces with classic appeal. That's a party I can fully commit to attending. Side note: this impossibly fabulous Chanel would qualify as a cause for celebration all its own. Don't you agree?


Balenciaga Studded Bracelet // YSL Black & Gold Bracelet // Balenciaga Blue Triple Wrap Bracelet // Tory Burch Foundation Wrap Bracelet // TB Double Wrap Logo Bracelet // Hammered Gold Cuff // Marc Jacobs ID Bracelet // KJL Braided Cuff // Tory Burch Lock Closure Bracelet // TB Metallic + Chain Bracelet // TB Lock Wrap Bracelet // Snake Embossed Leather Bracelet // TB Gold Leather & Chain Bracelet // Fretwork Tortoise Cuff

// Vintage Chanel Bracelet

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Over the last 3-4 years bracelets have become my thing! I'm obsessed!!!

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