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Authored by Dallas-based luxury lifestyle blogger Franki Durbin. Celebrating the very best life has to offer.

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February 28, 2014

So Rococo

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Some days I wonder if I'm not turning into Timothy Corrigan. Boiserie, silk velvet, tassel pulls and taffeta are calling my name like never before. But I'm not complaining... these design elements are key components of French style. And we haven't even mentioned my seemingly limitless desire for bolsters with gathered buttoned ends. Was I Maria Antoinette in a former life? I'm beginning to think we were at least royal colleagues. The age of excess calls to me and I can't find any reason to curb my cravings for gilded goodness.

Is it for everyone? No. And that's precisely why I find it so yummy. For more of my yearnings for European grandeur, visit my Pinterest board which celebrates the finer points of opulently appointed interiors.

In all fairness, many of these interiors are just too heavily embellished for us to comprehend for modern living. Yet I assure you, were you to live abroad or spend a season in a rented Paris apartment you'd find the details of these spaces to be intoxicatingly pleasing. These are evidence of hand craftsmanship and attention to detail that so few of us appreciate or experience these days.

I love seeing builders and designers who are lavishing us with attention to detail and fine quality construction - of both homes and furnishings. Their dedication to their craft is worthy of much respect and recognition. I, for one, welcome to return to elegance and the influence of a more grand historic past. Especially when it comes with more than a hint of gold boiserie!

What the beautiful people are saying...

I've never cared much for the French or grandeur style, but this is lovely. Thanks for the inspiration!

Gorgeous details! Like living in a very romantic dream!!

Very much so, Tammie. Thank you!

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