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February 05, 2014

Secret Self


I'm not certain exactly when it occurred, but any hope I once clung to of being a modern minimalist has been cast out the double-hung paned window. When I see my pins, my cherished magazines (Country French, anyone?) and my home I suddenly realize I'm a true classicist with a deep love of frilly French things.

It pleases me that I'm not trendy, but at some point in my design life I left the sleek Karim Rashid dreams behind and ran back to my fussy and fabulous European roots. Thankfully, I've feathered my nest in a way that is youthful and original... but I always feel a bit of a shock when I see just how deeply traditional the bulk of my pins are. And yet... I love them. 

Is Pinterest the Rorschach test of our modern age? Perhaps. Gilded surfaces and excessively ornate chateaus as far as the pinning eye can see. I'm perfectly fine owning up to it. I love the look. I love the age of excess and I cannot satisfy my need to see (and see, and see, and see) pretty things. That's the glamour loving girl I have come to know and love. 

What do your pins say about you? 

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What the beautiful people are saying...

My pins seem to show someone that is very into minimalism and small colourful accents (white bedding with a colourful throw, for example) when in reality my home is a mess of a hundred different colours and patterns! Very strange

(It also shows a person that's very into cats - which is much more closely aligned to the reality, haha)

Charlotte x

Funny, Charlotte! And mine would have you believe i have a house full of puppies. And yet… I have a love cat! ;)

Something to say, gorgeous?

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