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Authored by Dallas-based luxury lifestyle blogger Franki Durbin. Celebrating the very best life has to offer.

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February 23, 2014

Heating Up...

Heating Up...

Spring is well on its way and I, for one, will not be caught off guard this year. Thanks to an intense vinyasa flow yoga practice and a few dietary tweaks I will be ready for short shorts and longer days.

What dietary tweaks, you ask? A few might surprise you. Irish butter. Lots if it (Kerrygold unsalted to be exact). No Splenda. Coconut oil. Gluten-free (mostly, although that yummy Ezekiel bread lures me in frequently). Grass-fed beef and as many leafy greens as I can get. Prepare to see recipes shared here soon. Your favorite, I assure you, will be my chimichurri sauce. Helloooooo, tasty goodness!!

How about you. Are you ready for spring? Summer? Sunshine? Pedicure season? I'm fortunate that it's always pedicure season here in the south. Those toes must be ready to appear at a moment's notice. But swimsuit season is another story. I can't believe how dramatically yoga has changed my body for the better and altered my perspective on fitness in general. I hope you've found your favorite way to connect with your body and stay fit. If not, feel free to ask me questions. I'd love to share my journey with you.



What the beautiful people are saying...

Just bought a bunch of new kaftans and bikinis. I'm so ready!

oooooh! Lovely! I need to get on the kaftan hunt myself!

Interestingly enough, 2014 is the year I am introducing Yoga into my fitness routine. How did you come to add Yoga to your fitness routine? and did you add or replace your fitness routine with Yoga? (that's a lot of fitness routines...)

Franki, I look forward to hearing more about your yoga passion. I dipped into the world of hot yoga late last summer and immediately fell in love with the practice.

Hi, girls! So much to share! I'll write a separate post on just this topic. It's been too good to possibly keep a secret. In short: ALL I do now is Yoga & the occasional walk. It has completely transformed my body. I finally have the legs I've always wanted and - of course - a tight core. I can't say enough great things about it. Will go into detail in a post soon!

Something to say, gorgeous?

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