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December 12, 2013

One For You, Two For Me

{via Pinterest}

I don't know about you, but for as long as I've earned any substantial income I've always purchased myself amazing gifts for special occasions. Birthdays? Let's celebrate! Promotions? Hello, new shoes! Christmas gifts were no exception - and no holds barred. I worked hard for my rupees and I acquired the objects of my affection, all without leaving a balance on my card. Responsible decadence. 

Fast forward to today and there's a Mr. in the picture and two adorable mini-me's as well. My wish list groweth, but my treasure hunting is often less about me and more about them. Well... mostly, anyways. As I plunder the web for gifts for my mini me's, I can't help but be drawn to items that are impossibly and perfectly "me" amongst the offerings. What can I say? It's just too easy to shop for myself. Not to mention the irony of hearing Mr. Venti say he has "no idea" what to get me for Christmas. Quite the comedian, that guy. 

So just what does a Venti girl secretly pine for, you ask? Sometimes it's the basics, like a new set of fabulous makeup brushes or a life-changing moisturizer. But there are plenty of bigger ticket items for Santa to choose from this year. A vintage Chanel bracelet, perhaps. Or a delicate pink Chanel flap bag with a gold chain. Or maybe a ridiculous fur hat simply because I love it. Santa, baby... if you do indeed exist I have a few things for you to add to that sleigh of yours...

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