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December 16, 2013


Item38.rendition.slideshowWideVertical.top-pins-of-2013-39-powell-bonnet-toronto-living-room{Living room of 10,000 home designed by David Powell, Fenwick Bonnell, and Albert Limshue of Powell & Bonnell}

Last night I fell in love with the contemporary simplicity of this pretty project by design team Powell & Bonnell. Streamlined silhouettes softened by soft upholstery. I love the subdued color palette. Black, ivory, white, soft beige and taupe set the stage for welcomed pops of green and blue. It's a very nature-inspired palette that is very serene.

Home for me is a refuge. While I do have pops of color and areas of pattern, by and large I love cream & black solids. The colors ground me and make me happy. They offer an air of elegance. The subdued palette opens opportunities and gives my eyes and my overactive creative mind an opportunity to completely unwind without the heavy charge of emotion that color delivers. 

The upside? I can add pops of pink or leopard to it on a whim and it doesn't disrupt the vibe. The same is true of the beautiful images above. A clean slate to draw upon. See more at ArchDigest.

What the beautiful people are saying...

I could live there.

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