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Authored by Dallas-based luxury lifestyle blogger Franki Durbin. Celebrating the very best life has to offer.

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September 01, 2013

Venti Cup Book Giveaway: The Whole Fromage

Oh, dear readers... do I have a sumptuous treat for you! I've just had the pleasure of reading Kathe Lison's book "The Whole Fromage" - and what a delectable treat it is. If you are unable to travel through France this fall on a culinary adventure, I ask you to read this book. It will delight your senses and awaken within you a desire to be more passionate about food, about life and about the world. I cannot say enough great things about this beautifully written book.

Is it a book about cheese? Yes. It most certainly is a book about cheese. French cheese. From the sublime to the far out, this is a book the indulges in the pursuit of the perfect fromage. But it is a book about so much more than that. It's about the pursuit of pleasure, of observing the subtleties within a culture and an individual. It's written so vividly that you might believe you too are standing in a cavernous barn in the south of France sampling a rare variety.

You needn't love Roquefort to appreciate the adventure within these pages. It is instead a spectacular read for anyone who delights in the idea of exploring their passions and exploring the rarified world of French cheese. You'll find yourself entranced by the visits to small farms, tiny villages and insights into the art of this particular culinary delicacy. It will awaken your interest in the art form that is the creation and the craft behind artisan foods, whether widely known or obscure. It's a book ripe for anyone with a passion for food and for knowledge and the pursuit of the best. And isn't that shared by all of us?

So now that I've gushed about it, I am prepared to offer you a copy of your own. Tell me, dear friends, what are you passionate about? Is it Greek mythology? Pre-renaissance history? Labradoodles? Gardening? Sculpture? Lomo photography? What is it that ignites the fire within you? Please tell me. Tell me in detail, generous, unabashed detail. Gush all you want.

Winner will be receive a fresh copy of this delicious book. To qualify, please submit your comment by September 14th at midnight CST on this blog post or the corresponding Facebook post. One lucky commenter will be drawn at random from qualified entries. Now... start offering up your inner passions!

*** NOTE: Ann McDonald has won the random drawing! Thank you to all who entered! The Whole Fromage is available here for purchase. It's a lovely book that you're sure to enjoy! ***

What the beautiful people are saying...

I am passionate about Chicago! I visited Chicago a few years ago and so enjoyed every minute of the sights, activities, food and people. I decided then that when I retired I would move from Texas to Chicago. My friends thought I was crazy but luckily my husband was agreeable to the idea. It took us 2 years to retire but we moved to Chicago this summer. It is more than I could ever imagine as being the perfect city. We walk or use public transport to museums, theater, shopping, restaurants, grocery stores and activities. This city has it all. People are friendly, the architecture of the buildings is amazing, food is divine, weather is enjoyable and the city is truly beautiful with all the lush plantings everywhere. We could not be happier and feel so alive in this gorgeous city. Most people retire to sunny spots but being in Chicago we have never been busier. We actually have to make choices of what to do each day because there are more things to do daily than we can get to do. We are living the dream.

Lovely! I want to win!

Believe it or not- CHEESE! I was a small, grassfed organic dairy farmer for 3 years, and can't wait to get back into it! We've been known to randomly have 12 different kinds of cheese in our fridge and our "venti" goal is to start making cheese some day! Love your blog, what a great question!

I am passionate about food in general: healthy, yummy, un-chemicaled, delightful, delicious food!

This book looks amazing! Cheese is definitely one of the things that I am passionate about! I'm also passionate about toys - I love collecting them!

I am passionate about beauty. Inner, outer, unusual, process, lovely beauty. I love the way beauty unfolds from the smells of children when they wake up as infants to the way their muddy cleats speak of the beauty of a teenage day well spent. I am passionate about the way beauty unfolds in the tear of a friend over coffee, even in the air after a grievance is forgiven a close one. I believe beauty is multi-dimensional. It has place, time, space & thickness. It hovers. It blesses, it repents, it loves fiercely & seeks us all the days of our lives. Beauty is found in the mold, the moss, the messiness of every day life. It's found on the mountain top and in the valley. In soaring achievement & in defeating loss. Beauty protects, cares, manifests. I am passionate about beauty. xo Ann

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