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September 15, 2013

Starwood + Venti Cup Luxe Escape Giveaway

StRegisHoustonSpaMassage 53936_large
Ahhhh... escape. Isn't that all any of us can ask for? We work hard. We need to play hard as well. For me, travel is the cure for all that ails me. I need to visit new places, see unseen lands, meet new faces and experience new things. Travel replenishes the soul and fills me with a love of life and a desire to be, go and do even more. What about you?

If you share my thirst for seeing the world, brace yourself. Starwood Hotels & Resorts has partnered with Life in a Venti Cup to give you the best gift of all: an escape. This high-end hotel company owns nine major players in the travel industry including St. Regis, W and Westin brands - not to mention their uber chic Luxury Collection properties. 

Now that I have your full attention, I'll tell you how you can enter to win a getaway. All you need to do is leave a comment sharing why you love to travel. That's it! The winner of the Starwood + Venti Cup Luxe Escape Giveaway will receive 16,000 Starpoints which can be used towards your stay at any applicable Starwood property. 

How far will 16,000 Starpoints go? How about a free night at the sophisticated St. Regis Houston? Or an overnight stay at the ridiculously hip W Dallas Victory boasting Bliss® Spa and Texas-sized mega suites? Perhaps you're headed to Aspen or Atlanta. Never fear, there's a Starwood property that awaits you. 

So... what are you waiting for? Drop a comment below or on the Venti Cup facebook page sharing your passion for travel (and if I were you I'd also become a Starwood Preferred Guest.) That's it! Entries accepted from now until September 30, 2013 at midnight CST. Winner to be selected at random from qualifying entries.

The Starwood + Venti Cup Luxe Escape Giveaway winner will be announced October 1, 2013.

Good luck, vacation lovers! 

**Note: winner will receive 16,000 Starpoints good at participating Starwood Hotels & Resorts. How you spend your precious points is up to you! See details here. Pro tip: visit the web sites of the properties that appeal to you and determine which rooms are available to you using your Starpoints.**

What the beautiful people are saying...

We didn't have a chance to take a vacation this summer, and would love to take a fall, long weekend trip!

Our daughter lives in Pittsburgh and only has a 1 bedroom apartment being a grad student so it would be wonderful to visit her and stay at a lovely hotel and be truly pampered.

Due to mine and the hubs hectic schedule, we don't get to go on vacay often but would love to. Lord knows we need one! There's nothing better than exploring new places and new cultures. Plus, it would be my second son's first vacation. I'd love to show my kid's the world - that's a dream come true!

I so, so so love Starwood hotels! I love to travel because I love to meet new people and experience new and exciting places.

Hello LIAVC!

Yes, I'm a Starwood member+lovelovelove to travel+desperately need a get away.... ;-)

Have a great week!

Travel is my escape from my reality...an excuse not to answer my phone or return emails, a break from it all!

My venti cup overflowith with hopes of this vacation!!

I signed up with Starwood after reading your post! I love that you can customize the card, what a cool feature :)

I love to travel and am in the planning stages of my first vacation with my boyfriend. I would most definitely prefer that we stay at a Starwood hotel!

Travel is my inspiration for my work as well as my personal life. seeing architecture in different cities helps to define your own eye and detail 'library' to work from.

I love to travel because it is so fun to see different cities. I also love to travel because it forces you to truly get away and relax and get rid of the stress.

I love to travel because I love exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. Traveling is also a great way to escape from the worries of your every day life and truly relax. :)

I love to travel because I love meeting new people, exploring new places and eating lots of delicious food that I only seem to get when I am traveling

Well good luck to you, Georgina! xoxo

Words I love hearing, Jenann!

xoxo, Franki

I love to travel for too many reasons, but the best and most important reason is that traveling creates better citizens of the world. Traveling in style creates really happy and compassionate people who go on to pay it forward! Cheesiest Reason #1- I am a Sag..it is in my zodiac wheel house.

I adore traveling and lately life has gotten in the way and I haven't been able to travel anywhere other than to visit ailing relatives. I'd love the opportunity to win this getaway!

I love to travel because I thrive on seeing other cultures and experiencing new sights, smells, and tastes.

Ps I'm a Starwood member and always enjoy staying in their properties!

I love to travel. Next year, I'm taking a year long sabbatical from work to travel.

I love to travel this would be great!

We travel to show our kids the world. We want them to see how other countries and cultures live, and that there are a lot of exciting things beyond our beautiful Maine border.

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