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January 17, 2013

2013: Love It / Leave It

Many great things can be said about Dallas, Texas. World class shopping, some of the nations top chefs, starchitects, celebrities and a bustling social calendar. And then there are the magazines. Modern Luxury, FDLuxe, Papercity, GrandLuxe Magazine, and D Home just to name a few.

If it's happening, it's in one if not several of these glossy industry magazines. I was fortunate to have been asked by D Home for Love It / Leave It list of design trends. Ready for my list? Here goes:

Leave it:

Dizzying Zig Zags
“Chevron, flame stitch, modern zebra–call it what you will. Let’s call it quits in ’13. Especially in bright colors. This is such a bold, classic design but let’s put this one to bed and let it sleep for a long, long, while. My eyes are tired from seeing this ad nauseam in 2012.”

“Please, please, please put the horse back in the stable and free it from the canvas on your walls.”

“Please back away from the acid yellow pillows, sir. Thank you.”

Woodland animals:
“Owls. Foxes. Elk. Deer. Bears. Birds. They belong in the woods, not the living room (and never a nursery). This trend has been hanging on for a few years. I’m hoping those little animals safely find their way back to the forest this year.”

The Furry Chair:
“You know the one. The one at the desk or vanity with the Mongolian wool rug thrown over it trying to look nonchalant.”

To Dye for:
“I suspect we haven’t seen the last of ombre, tie dyed and dip-dyed fabrics. But I rarely see this executed in a way that looks elegant.”

Love it:

“Stylish homeowners have been paying high-dollar for reproductions for years. I think we’re now seeing the pendulum shift towards acquiring high-quality originals at auctions and places like 1stdibs.com and incorporating them into designs. Besides, it’s a lot of fun to hunt down a very special piece and bring it home. Maybe it’s a chandelier from Paris. Maybe it’s an Italian Empire chair. It has history and importance, and the homeowner now has a really cool story to tell when guests arrive. It’s exciting.”

Let there be art:
“Have you noticed? Even the youngest homeowners have developed a love affair with original art. And lots of it. I’m seeing eclectic gallery walls everywhere I look. Creativity is being celebrated and encouraged. This is possibly the most exciting trend, because art and creativity breathe life and soul into a home.”

“Personal style is the name of the game these days, and individuality is celebrated. This is really evident in street fashion (Sartorialist, anyone?) and it’s trickling into our homes. The rules? We’re free and encouraged to break them now. In interior design this means we can design spaces that make us happy and fit our lifestyles, our ambitions, and our dreams.”

Entertaining with Gusto:
“Suddenly everyone I know is a threat to Martha Stewart and Thomas Keller. They can set a table with Pinterest-worthy panache and they take great pride in their culinary prowess. We’re going to see a greater interest in glam place settings, plush dining areas and every kitchen gadget & accessory you can imagine. The “dining in” movement has become a great excuse to entertain at home, and with that comes a desire to wow your guests.”

Midas Touch:
“And now for my favorite trend: GOLD! I’ve been feathering my nest with every bit of brass, gold, and gilt I can get my hands on for about a year. Thankfully, I’m not alone. We’re going to see more and more of this yummy warm metal finish well into 2013.”

While you're over at D Home, see what friends (& fellow designers/bloggers) Kyle, Abbe and Emily had to say on the topic.

What the beautiful people are saying...

Fabulous post Franki!!!

Happy New Year!


I totally agree with your list, I have been LOVING the antiques since the year started! :)


Thank you, Angela! It only makes sense, since the cost of goods at Restoration Hardware and Aidan Gray (both of which, I adore) continue rising. At a certain point you need to just go get the real deal ;)

franki durbin| designer editor

Life in a Venti Cup |214.558.6003

Thank you, Jennifer!

Word sister! I agree with every single point, both in the leave and love categories!

Yes I love your Love It list. I have always been a fan of antiques, gold and brass.

Monica, Ive only recently grown to appreciate antiques. Much of this I credit to awareness, experience and… 1stdibs! I think the right antiques (and antiquities) add MUCH to a home!

Good post.
More art, yes! :)

Something to say, gorgeous?

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