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November 27, 2012

The Venti Cup Nespresso Lattissima Holiday Giveaway

Are you ready, Venti Cup fans? It's the holiday gift you actually long for... a sleek home espresso machine from Nespresso. As you may know, I was introduced to the brand this year and am now my own barista. We can make espressos in an instant and whip up frothy cappuccinos in a moment. And yes, these are as good or better than those you enjoy at Starbucks. I was dubious at first, thinking these were flavored coffees. Nespresso is nothing of the sort. These are espressos cultivated from around the world. They are smooth, never bitter, and are by far the best shots I've ever tasted.

Now Life in a Venti Cup and Nespresso have partnered up for a holiday giveaway. The Nespresso Lattissima is one of Oprah's favorite things - and soon to be one of yours! It comes in a few fabulous colors Silky White, Ice Silver and Passion Red. Imagine this lovely espresso device on your polished counters.

To be honest, I'm a bit jealous, as this machine is so much more elaborate than the one I own. The Lattissima comes with auto-start and off functions and a built-in milk frother. You'll easily create perfectly portioned espresso, cappuccinos and lattes at the mere touch of a button.

How will you enter to win this marvelous gift? Here's how. "Like" Life in a Venti Cup on facebook and simply drop a comment below telling me how much you love coffee. That's it. A winner will be selected (from qualified entries) on December 20th. Want to double your odds of winning? Share this post on facebook and twitter. The winner will receive a brand new Lattissima machine mailed directly to their home. How's that for a holiday giveaway?

Alright, boys and girls... "Like" Life in a Venti Cup on facebook & drop a comment below to be entered. Let's get into the holiday spirit one sip at a time.

What the beautiful people are saying...

Of course I already like "Life in a Venti Cup" on facebook and I would love to win the espresso machine....what a fantastic giveaway!!!
Thanks for the opportunity to win Franki! xo


molto bene!

yes, please... my silly little espresso maker is woefully inadequate. This Lattissima looks perfect! and oh so chic :)

I love coffee so much, that I can't love anything else until I have coffee. I have a venti cup staring at me right now on my desk. Just seeing it makes me happy.

I LOVE coffee- I have to in order to keep up with my 10 month old son.

Argh! Forgot to mention that I "liked" you on facebook

Home reading your ste for the first time (Love the layout) working, drinking some Trader Joes Coffee wishing it was Nespresso.

I know the feeling, Kristin! Thanks for entering... and happy holidays!

What an unbelievable giveaway!!! Not on facebook, but I do love the looks of this. Every morning when I subject myself to the lowly ways of regular old coffee maker I think how much better life would be with a granddaddy like this one;)

Everyone says these are amazing! xx

Same here, Kate! Good luck!


Good luck, coffee loving Meagan! ;)


You bet, Annie! Good luck!

Meg, believe the hype. Smooth as silk and takes seconds to pull perfect shots. Im a coffee snob who ADORES Starbucks.... and I love mine.

Woot! Thank you, Jennifer and good luck!

coffee = creative days


Amen, sister! I just had my second shot of the day. ;)

A good cup of coffee is great.

As a college student/ aspiring blogger COFFEE is my life.

My roomies and I thank you for such a perfect giveaway!


I love how you call us "Gorgeous!" I, too, have "liked" you already... But I had loved your blog long ago. FB is just an added bonus. Thank you for this opportunity to win a great prize. I LOVE coffee!

This machine looks so nice! Wonderful giveaway!

A cup of coffee is the best way to start the morning!I love love love it!

I'm a busy mom trying to juggle running a new business and raising a toddler and just recently discovered the wonders a cup of coffee can do! On hiatus from drinking coffee while I'm pregnant but boy would I love to have this when Baby #2 arrives in April!!!

An employee at Crate & Barrel showed me how this machine worked (he made me a sample). Not only delish but so easy to operate.

Love it and like your wonderful page! :) What a fun giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

If I got stranded on a deserted island and was only allowed one food or beverage I would choose coffee over everything else, that's how much I love it!!!!!

LOVE coffee!

Liked you on facebook and retweeted you @kelseynicolep :)

Yay please consider me I need lots of caffeine :)

Yay please consider me I need lots of caffeine :)

Andi, Im with you... coffee is bliss!

Kara, youre in!


woot! Thanks, Kelsey!

Thank you, Mariana!

Monika, I have a 9 month old and a four year old... I agree - coffee is the magic ingredient in the mommy mix. I am so happy to be able to drink coffee now. Congrats on your upcoming arrival. Youll love that they make decaf espresso (three different types, all non-flavored) too! I drank it throughout my pregnancy! Good luck ;)

Lauren, its surprisingly good, right? I was impressed too. Thanks for entering!

Good luck, Megan!

Thank you, Karen! xoxo

Actually, new to coffee! Never liked it (my mom was a burn unit nurse that always had burnt coffee around) but have slowly weaned myself into the iced coffee craze. Now, I don't know a single person who isn't happy with their Nespresso or dare I say the other brand? Curious if I can wean myself into hot coffee now ;)

LOVE Coffee! No idea what I would do without it! This would make a great addition to my kitchen and my daily routine!!!

Meara, I think youd love it. You can always add ice! ;)


yes it would, Kayti!

Coffee is the best friend who greets you in the morning with warm and gentle hug and then kicks your butt into gear about 20 mins later. I can always count on my bff bean!

I need a machine!!

Franki Dearest-
If you say this makes good coffee, I trust you. I need some caffeine to keep it going, so bring on the good luck for the drawing :)

I would Love to win your wonderful giveaway :) I've been a reader for years!

Eek I seem to be having trouble posting... Hope you only get one not 700...
I've liked your page and would be a happy winner!

Sorry about that, Lisa! Good luck!


Bree, Coffee makes the world go round... right? Its my reliable bff too ;)

What is life without coffee? And espresso is even better!

Nespresso is amazing! I especially love their boutique outlets. There is a fabulous one in Montreal. I also "liked" you on facebook!Thanks

I'm so obsessed with coffee!! Loved it since I first started sneaking bites of my mom's coffee icecream at age 5!

Barbara, my favorites are Roma and Cosi... both really smooth espressos with kick ;)

Thank you, Nathalie!

Liked you on FB! I have been dying for this bad boy! Heard such amazing things about it! :)

Liked you on FB! I have been dying for this bad boy! Heard such amazing things about it! :)

Oh coffee sweet nectar of life...what would life be without you? I'm so excited to hear that you love Roma Franki -- my absolute favorite. We are kindred spirits and need to live in Nespresso land together.

Would love to win this since coffee is such an important ritual in our family - always brings our morning routines together!

Thank you for this gorgeous opportunity to win a fabulous product. I'm crossing my fingers. Congrats with your success and continued blessings

Great coffee is a point of pride in Portland. I'd love if my morning ritual was as simple and elegant as Nespresso Lattissima! A frothy cream mustache is just a bonus.

I like your style, Zen ;)

Thank you, Tracy good luck!

Meghan, coffee is a vital part of our family fabric as well. Cheers!

Thank you, Roma-loving soul sister, Lisa!

Thank you, Kristin!

I live for coffee

Thanks, Theresa! Good luck ;)

Love your blog and coffee!

We all adore your creativity, fabulousness, amazing style sense and now this giveaway! You are just to much lady!!!! I hope I am the lucky recipient of this incredible giveaway!:) ciao bella!:))))))

We all adore your creativity, fabulousness, amazing style sense and now this giveaway! You are just to much lady!!!! I hope I am the lucky recipient of this incredible giveaway!:) ciao bella!:))))))

You are a doll, Virginia! Fingers crossed for you!

Sean and I both love coffee, and we miss having coffee with our coffee loving friends! And, since the Krups we've been using for the past 10 years is falling apart, we've been shopping for a new one!

New to your blog! Love coffee (always has to be a venti!) and love Nespresso!

Thank you, Claire!

Hi, Tracy!!! Well you need a new coffee machine for sure. Love seeing pix of your beautiful girls online. The are getting SO big! Oh my gosh!

Oh my old coffee maker is so sad compared to this! I LOVE coffee and I want this machine! Thank you!!!

My coffeemaker has been a faithful friend, first thing every morning, mid-day, and after dinner. But can it compare to this amazing barrista-in-a-box? No!

Coffee is at the top of my food chain. Watch me grovel for this Venti Cup Nespresso maker.

Bonnie, a little coffee is a good thing. A lot of espresso is a wonderful thing. ;)

Would love to add expresso my coffee routine!!

I love coffee in the winter months and would love this.

Its a steamy one, but my love affair with coffee had lasted many years & runs deep. I have been not so subtly hinting on amazon and Facebook that this is the very model my husband needs to get me for Christmas. I have a feeling it's not happening, but girl, a win would make my very tired, mom-to-a-newborn life!!

Ahhh, like coffee? I love coffee. After pregnancy and then breastfeeding for 12 months, drinking coffee again is like finding my long lost relative. I didn't have a drop for nearly 2 years and now I can't be without it.

I forgot to say in last entry that I followed on Facebook as requested.

I shared on twitter.

I'm tired of my boring coffee and would love to win this fabulous nespresso machine. I have a feeling Santa won't be bringing this to me.

I love, love, LOVE coffee! How nice it would be to make my morning cup in this great looking Nespresso Lattissima. I already "Like" Life in a Venti Cup on Facebbok and will tweet about it now. xoxo

It is not a good morning without a cu of coffee. It would be a GREAT morning if I had this machine!

I love coffee, my family and I get together just to have a cup some times and spend some quality time. Thanks for the opportunity!

PS - Tweeted about the contest too. Thanks again!

I love Nespresso!! Best tasting coffee ever. Would die to have this machine!

Like you on Facebook and I adore coffee, I actually prefer European coffee and after reading various reviews I believe this machine is perfect for making that.

Just liked you on facebook. Would love to win this Nespresso for my parents, who love coffee almost more than I do!

Oh was going to buy one on sale and it ended so would love to win one! I'm espresso obsessed.

I know I'm a late but I would love to win one of these. I love coffee so much and as a student I would greatly appreciate winning one of these! Thanks so much! I also 'liked' Life in a Venti Cup on facebook.

Something to say, gorgeous?

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