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October 29, 2012

High Point Market: Perfection at Pearson

We touched upon a few highlights of the Pearson showroom a few posts ago. Now it's time for me to show you my FAVORITE pieces. These are not necessarily new for this season, but these are undeniably great pieces anyone would love to have in their home. Ready? Here goes!DSC_0656


I'm sure you've seen this in my tweet stream... but really. Aqua & emerald leopard print? If you'd described this to me I'd have said no way, no how, not happening. But in person this is so chic and tasteful.

Jennifer McConnell, VP of Design for Pearson must have been thrilled with this find when she went sourcing for fabrics. What a special textile! The second pic of it offers best color representation. Believe me, it is beautiful in person and touchably soft. It's so luxe.
DSC_0688 DSC_0685
Gilded etagere goodness. Just look at that gleaming gold. What I love about the finish is its irregularities. It is not a flat gold, it is not a highly polished gold. It is bronz-sh and gold and textured and rippled and just so incredibly interesting to see and touch. This particular finish sets Pearson's gilded pieces apart from other brands. It is very unique and exudes quality.

So pairing it with back-painted glass beveled shelving to make these etageres is a stroke of genius. Lovely. So lovely. The perfect spot for those beloved art books & acquired treasures.
Umm... hello, gorgeous? What I'm loving: the contrasting welt & front panel fabric, the sophisticated finish (it's Pearson's "Linen" finish which is off-white with beige speckles & spots. stunning) and of course, the curvaceous lines of this versatile bench. SO yummy in this tangerine feather fabric. Wow!
Bar cart goodness. Why is this handsome fellow in my spotlight? First, note that lovely shagreen tray top. Would you guess that the tray itself is removable? Yes. What strikes me most about this piece is its sophistication and impressive size. It's also surprisingly sturdy, thanks to its non-folding frame. I just can't get enough of this special little occasional piece. Might need to add this to my entertaining arsenal.
Again this gilded finish makes me so happy. What's clever about this table is the double shelf thing happening. If that grid is too pretty to conceal (and it is) you can place your books and decorative boxes on the lower shelf, leaving the top free and clear for admiration.

Ahh, my favorite Pearson chest. Isn't he handsome? There's a Barbara Barry quality happening here. That curved front silhouette. The Regency hardware. It is fuss-free with clean lines and a deep glossy finish that makes my knees buckle. I have ben admiring this same chest for years now. At a certain point I need to step up to the plate and hand over some of my hard earned cash to own one. And did you notice that hidden shelf that pulls out at the top? So chic.

Here you get to see some of the hidden "traditional" cravings that I harbor. I can't explain my crush on this demilune, but it is design perfection to me. Long sleek legs with brass ferrule endings. Beautiful primavera veneers, delicate hardware and a petitie footprint. I mean, you could put one of these anywhere in your home. It's just such a lovely piece. I step up to admire it every time I'm in the showroom. It's the best example I've seen of a classic French demilune. Perfection.

DSC_0640 DSC_0641

While we're on the subject of self-indulgence... dream with me for a moment about this desk. Isn't she pretty? I've been crushing on this little antique for years. It appeared a while back in a Pearson catalogue when they introduced their headboards for the first time. I liked it then, I LOVE it now.

Here's the thing: it's an actual antique and the price is heartbreaking. But isn't she pretty? Let's all just take a moment to admire her before she must return to the antique market for complete strangers to paw.  DSC_0637
Eglomise goodness! This little table is so chic. She's tiny. About 14" in diameter on a gilded tripod base. I love this little occasional piece. I could find excuses to tuck one in every corner of my home. So glamorous.

Here's the thing about design: most people err on the side of traditional with their upholstery in their home. But for occasional pieces like tables and cabinets? Anything goes. I think we are all bigger risk takers when it comes to our cocktail tables and accent pieces. This is what makes the Peason experience so rich for me. It's a mix of contemporary and classic that keeps us guessing. 

Jennifer McConnell brilliantly combines the tried & true with the edgy to keep us all guessing. She pushes the limit each and every Market. On top of that, she fearlessly mixes in wild textiles with classic fabrics for a showroom blend that is somehow timeless and "today" simultaneously.

I see others try this approach, but maybe none nail it quite like Jennifer does. She puts it all out there and doesn't hold back. It's a lesson we all should learn from. Design your space - and your life - in a way that is the essence of you. Don't design to satisfy imaginary guests. How would YOU like to live? How would you like to feel moving through the rooms of your home? Design that space, that lifestyle and that mood. You deserve it. 


A note: for those who don't know, I'm the social media girl for Pearson. This post (and any post on my blog) is completely unsolicited and not a part of my role with Pearson. I'm just a fan. If you're a fan of luxury furnishings, follow me (as Pearson) on twitter, facebook and their blog.

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