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October 24, 2012

High Point Market: Magical Maitland-Smith

I still remember my first trip to Maitland-Smith several years ago. How do you explain such a brand to those who aren't familiar? Do they design furniture? Do they design lamps? Do they design accessories? I now know the answer. They design objets d'art. They truly do. Each and every piece is painstakingly detailed and completely beautiful. Let me show you some of my favorites... 


First, the Renaissance Chaise. There's not a single element I'd wish to change about this piece. It is lovely and amazing. I sat on this piece in the showroom during High Point Market and felt so very Zsa Zsa Gabor. All I need is a white fur coat, bigger diamonds and a glass of champagne. Garçonne!



And now for the desk that made my knees weak. Both of these pieces were from what they had dubbed the "Socialite" grouping. Like the chaise above, this desk has deep European influences and conjures images of a cosmopolitan lifestyle where the heftiest task of the day is ordering fresh flowers and penning a few thank you notes. An enviable life and exquisite furnishings to complement such a lifestyle.

This beautiful desk has a leather top and a curvaceous silhouette. It is so incredibly pretty. Wouldn't this make the loveliest blogging perch? I have to say yes. 

As I toured the showroom at High Point Market, I came across a few entire areas that made me gasp. First was the Prep School room. If ever a room made me think of Mr. Venti, this was it! Think varsity sports, academia and long discussions about pre-Renaissance Greek history. If you imagine fresh faced young men in khaki pants and navy blue wool blazers with brass buttons, you've nailed the vibe of this incredible room. Each piece individually designed and crafted to perfection.

This particular table above is stunning in person. In an aged Regency finish, it has a reeded single pedestal on a tri-pod base. But the crowning glory of the table is its heraldic lion inlaid top. Isn't that gorgeous? Such unique detail done in such a tasteful way. My husband would LOVE this occasional piece. Ten year anniversary, perhaps? I'll keep that in mind when it rolls around.

I could go on forever about the many wonders of Maitland-Smith, but what you really need to know is that they are magical. They offer everything imaginable. Incredible lamps, surprisingly modern pieces, accessories so luxurious they'll please the most discerning client, upholstery... the list goes on. They inventory is rich and interesting and is clearly designed with the true luxury clientele in mind.

Bonnie Cedolia, the Marketing Coordinator for the brand, was so gracious with her time. She patiently walked me through a personal tour of the showroom and answered my many questions about the brand. As you might guess, clients who come to this showroom tend to write their orders in the spot. These items are so unique and so intricate that it would be impossible to remember the details once returning home. Knowing this, they cater to this need and make it easy for their well-heeled clientele to stroll through the showroom identifying the specific treasures they'll take back to their firms, department stores and showrooms.

Maitland-Smith is truly an experience of its own. I can't say enough wonderful things about the products or the staff. I know the pieces I've shown above focus on their old world glamour, but Maitland has a surprisingly diverse product mix. Mid-Century influenced collections, Art-Deco and contemporary silhouettes are all a part of their offerings.I think now you can see why I say they design objets d'art rather than furniture or accessories. You go to Maitland-Smith for items of quality and design so uncommon that you simply won't find them anywhere else. It's what draws their clients from all regions of the world to come see them at High Point. There simply isn't another brand quite like them. 

Thank you, Bonnie, for your incredible hospitality. You are so well-informed and so generous with your time and attention. I cannot wait to add more Maitland-Smith to my home, and I look forward to seeing you again soon! 

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