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October 15, 2012

Henredon: The Big Show

Mid-century modern influeces will surprise you when you walk in the entrance to the Henredon showroon. Impeccable details and a hint of Eastern influence make this space - and each individual piece - a marvel of design. There are precision details at every turn and industrial accents you don't expect from a brand like Henredon. You'll love this collection. 

DSC_0708 DSC_0709

Nesting tables in the Paris Apartment suite. Notice the lovely butterfly fabric on the pillow and the icy blue accents. So serene and so very pretty in person. I have a soft spot for nesting tables, and these are some of the prettiest. 

My morning yesterday was just about perfect. Sunlight streaming through my hotel windows, outdoors it was sunny & bright. It was idyllic fall weather here in North Carolina. I spied a Starbucks en route to my first appintment. I had my signature drink: a trenta seven splenda green iced tea, my favorite lip gloss and I was having a good hair day. In fact, I ordered a refill just before I bounced out the door. That's right: I was in a heightened mental state buoyed by caffeine, beauty products and sunshine. What can I say, I love the simple pleasures of life. 

And then it happened: Henredon. With a heady mix of Barbara Barry fabrics, Mid-Century modern influences and Jane Bender's gracious southern charm I was swept away. This season the Henredon showroom is truly sensational. 

I'm not sure what you think of when you think Henredon. Is it ornate pieces with bits of gold painted on intricate carved pieces? They do have some of that. Is it amazing leather pieces tough enough, cool enough and fabulous enough to fill a Texas living room? They have a touch of that that too. 

When I think Henredon I my mind fills with images of their Acquisitions collection. If you are a person who collects pieces - truly special, really remarkable pieces - this is your spot. There are tables that look like little jewels. Everywhere you look your eyes discover magnificent upholstered pieces that are neither trendy nor dated and somehow seem effortlessly timeless and brilliantly classic and modern at once. There are unique pieces like the tree of life chest, the standing desk (SO hot right now in this moment in time), wildly versatile dining tables that turn (transformer-like) into stunning consoles. 

Henredon is just incredible. I think I fell in love over and over again as I walked through the showroom. To me one of their greatest strengths at Market is their location. They are not in the IHFC. They are not in the trendy design district. They are just out of the epicenter of High Point. What does that mean? That means rockstar parking (I'm talking five good steps and you're inside the door), a Starbucks en route (yeah, baby!) and a grandeur to their building that I'm not finding in the city center. 

Maitland-Smith and Henredon (as well as the Barbara Barry Realized by Henredon suite) all share this incredible building together. They have nightly gatherings in their fantastic dining area and they are surrounded by natural beauty. There's just a cool calmness that comes over you at this destination location. 

I'm convinced these elements are part of what makes this a popular spot for important shelter magazine editors and influential international buyers. Each time I've visited I see small clusters of influential buyers and design industry leaders being ushered up the stairs or through the showroom with their attentive entourage in tow. Henredon and Maitland are clearly where the movers and shakers come to move and shake. And they are able to do so with no urgency, no hassle, no parking pass and no crowds. It's one of the best kept secrets of Market and it is always a priviledge to tour the brands. 

Next, I'm off to Maitland for my next tour. Stay tuned! 

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