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October 08, 2012

East + West Glamour


{photo via WSJ, GABRIELLA CRESPI | The Z desk in Aerin Lauder's dressing room Simon Upton/The Interior Archive}

Fashion and decor. Two of my absolute favorite things. And I have to admit to having a fascination with the relationship between the two. The causal influences of one upon the other. Do runways trends influence our homes or is it often the other way around? The answer to both is a resounding yes. On the whole, the two are so intertwined that it is almost a waste of time to try to sort of which led the other on trends and styles.

I like to think of personal style as all encompassing. Dressing your home is not so terribly different from adorning your body. If you favor chic mod or tried-and-true traditional in one area you are quite likely to love it in the other. Similarly: you should surround yourself in colors that flatter you - whether it be a gorgeous gown or the color of your walls. Are you a sucker for texture? You will likely find your closet and your home filled with touchable fabrics. Is gold your weakness? I suspect we'll find your bedside tables and your jewelry drawer adorned with gilded accents. The two areas are fascinatingly intermingled and - I suspect - always will be.

Personally, I always lean towards classic lines, elegant accents and timeless styles. I do love my gold, and I want touchably soft textiles around me at all times. Rest assured: you can favor classics and still keep things incredibly fresh. It's all in how you style it.

Just take a look at Aerin Lauder's dressing room. I have always loved this image. What's not to love? Floor to ceiling silk puddling on the ground. The handpainted chinoiserie wallpaper in a flowery, flowing design on the softest aqua ground. A glistening chandelier which is somehow upstaged by this insanely gorgeous brass desk. This room has such an abundance of femininity that it is almost literally dripping from the wall. This is somehow incredibly powerful yet quietly reserved at the same time. It's an interesting mix of bold and delicate, organic and modern. I love it.

To me, if this space were an outfit it would be worn by a woman with absolute confidence. She loves her life, she takes care of herself and she enjoys the very act of dressing herself. I see a flowing gown with Grecian influences and a curve-hugging silhouette. I see opulent gold everywhere: the shoes, the jewels... everywhere. These golden accents are present, but somehow not overdone. I see her wearing a chic chignon and a classic manicure. The updo serves to highlight the handcrafted earrings (that mirror the artisan quality of the wallpaper). The perfect manicure would be showcased so perfectly against the glimmering clutch in her beautiful hands.

But don't be fooled for her overwhelming femininity. It is her strength and not her weakness. This is a woman who accomplishes everything she has ever set out to accomplish. And she isn't finished checking off her life's to-do list. Not even close.

Her posture reflects that lifelong confidence and her skin glows like a woman lit from within. She is luminous, driven and poised. Like this magical room, she has wisdom and inner strength beyond her years and will blaze a gilded trail on her way to her version of "the top."

She, like this room, leads others to wonder how she does it. She is equal parts open book and intriguing mystery. She epitomizes style and grace yet possesses a dynamic energy that won't be contained or easily defined. One thing is certain: she knows what she loves and carefully edits her personal space and her closet to contain only those things that completely delight her. And isn't that what personal style is all about? I think so.


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What the beautiful people are saying...

This is a beautiful room! The French influence is magnefique!

Well done and very insightful. Love love love the outfit! I completely agree on your point about dressing your space versus dressing your person - it's not far off at all.

My favorite line- "To me, if this space were an outfit it would be worn by a woman with absolute confidence."

I would have to 100% agree! Great room with a great inspiration!

thank you, ladies!

I love that you started with a room and created an outfit, Franki! You've definitely captured the essence of this space. Nice job!

Not just loving your connection between fashion + decor, but also personalities and confidence! :)

Love the colors and love Aerin Lauder's dressing room. I recently saw it and love the wall paper. Love the fashion correlation you used, definitely pieces I would wear & adore. Very glamorous and high style. Well written post. Love your writing style, descriptive and elegant.

Good morning Franki!

On behalf of the Olioboard team (of which I am part ) thank you for participating in our monthly OlioHop! We all appreciate your thoughtfully and beautifully written post ~

Personally speaking, I like this sentence *you should surround yourself in colors that flatter you - whether it be a gorgeous gown or the color of your walls. * I need to take that to heart.

I wonder how many designers make the design process more fun and interesting by asking first to see their client's closets and asking them to point out their favorite fashion items and why those are their favorites?

I'd love to hear if anyone does this!

Thanks again, Franki, and I'm looking forward to seeing you at High Point in just a few days (will you be in the Pearson showroom?) and introducing you to Sheilah, the co-founder and CEO of Olioboard.

Have a beautiful morning!

Leslie (@tkpleslie)

This style is absolutely gorgeous!! So classic and chic, I am in love with it. Also, I completely agree with your statement that trends on the fashion show have effect on trends in the home. I definitely agree. If you love something on you and it flatters you, chances are you are going to like the way it flatters your home as well. Very good observation!! Thanks for sharing!!

Stopping by to check out the previous OlioHop. LOVE that you went the "other way" and took a room and showed the fashion. Fabulous job!

Something to say, gorgeous?

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