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July 09, 2012

Be Still, My Italian Heart

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My husband will be the first to tell you I have an Italian soul. That means a lot coming from a Sicilian. And while I can't find any ancestral proof that we originated from L'Italia, I assure you that there's no place on this planet that resonates with me more than Italy.

The people, the energy, the architecture, the art... everything. And I haven't even tapped the topic of natural beauty. When I have made my millions stateside I assure you' I'll be packing it up and moving to the Amalfi to spend my days in a dream-worthy villa overlooking the sea.

Until that day manifests, I'll torture you and I both with photos and posts of this nature. Why? because it hurts so good!

Today's incredible photos come to us courtesy of Architectural Digest. They taunt and tempt us with the announcement of eight recently opened hotels that are "perfect spots for a couple's getaway." That may be so, but I'm tempted to go all Brangelina and bring my brood to each of these incredible spots.

If pressed to answer which ones I love best I'll declare my love for the 20-room Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa on the Amalfi Coast (good LORD is it magical!) and the apricot-hued Relais Villa Vittoria overlooking Lake Como. (I think it's safe to assume that all of us, married or not, are always up for good Clooney sighting.)

Of course you can never ever go wrong with a St. Regis... especially one in Florence overlooking the Ponte Vecchio. I also feel as though I have unfinished business in Florence because of all the cities we've visited in Italy, this one was one where I felt the most rushed.

Why do I do this to you on a Monday morning? Because it is your responsibility to pursue your passions and your dreams. And mine are of speaking fluent Italian, having a villa or two abroad (you read that right) and traveling the world with my fun little family.

So... I'm off to do what it takes to get us there. How about you? Where do you need to be?

What the beautiful people are saying...

hahha loveee this post!! Oh, my dear Franki, you and I are one in the same. I feel like you on this issue, let's just put it that way ;)

Heaven on earth? I think so!

wow!! that first photo is simply amazing..looks like heaven :D
all the places look very beautiful though. Ah I wish I was travelling right now..

I do too. Im ready for a very long leisurely vacation!

My husband would say I have a French soul (though not being French in any way), but boy, these photos are amazing, and now I'm dreaming of an Italian getaway.

Rose, we honeymooned all over the Mediterranean region and once we hit Rome I was in love. The next year for our one year anniversary we spent two weeks in Italy. Several days along the Amalfi Coast and about 10 days in Rome, It was worth every penny and every moment. I could live there in an instant. Theres a warmth of the people that I just connect with and theres this very obvious passion for life and lifes pleasures that I just dont see here in the states in my daily life. It must be the scent of leather and lemons in the air ;)


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