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Authored by Dallas-based luxury lifestyle blogger Franki Durbin. Celebrating the very best life has to offer.

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April 12, 2012

Passionate Pursuit of Excellence

If you listen closely to leaders, entrepreneurs, moguls and admirable people a common theme will ultimately emerge. Excellence. They demand it from themselves, they expect it from their team and they strive to create it with whatever grand idea, innovation or product they are developing. A simple word but a lifelong challenge: the pursuit of excellence.

Immediately names like Steve Jobs (known for his relentless pursuit of perfection) and Richard Branson (who refuses to take no for an answer) come to mind. People for whom "it's not possible" or "it's good enough" readies them for the challenge.

Also look at Alli Webb the founder of DryBar. Do one thing and do it exceptionally well. That's her (and therefore her brand's) goal. Be the best. Accept nothing less. Offer exceptional quality and service. Raise your standards and be far better than anyone else would ever dream should be expected of you.

These thoughts all came to mind as I attended a Nespresso event at one of Dallas's hottest eateries, PrivateSocial. Once in, I had the opportunity to sit with Padma Lakshmi of Top Chef fame. She shared with me why she partnered with the brand and what makes a famous model/author/host/mother/businesswoman choose to add coffee spokesperson to her long list of titles. Her answer was fairly straightforward: excellence.

Listening to her speak about coffee was eye opening. The vocabulary she used and the passion she had for the topic was something I'd only seen among oenophiles. She spoke of varietals and picking the berries (yes, berries... for in face what we call a coffee bean is actually one half of the seed within the delicate berry) at the precise right moment from the right location and roasting them to the unique roasting level that is best for them. Using terms like "science" and "respect" she shared stories on how far and wide Nespresso (a European phenomenon) goes to source the ultimate product. Perfection is the goal.

You'd think it would end there... but as the event went on we had the opportunity to talk to many people from the product team. It was pretty clear that although ceramic glasses and shiny proprietary equipment surrounded us, we we were hardly talking about coffee any longer. They were preaching a different gospel. How to conceive the best idea, execute it flawlessly and deliver it to the right people at the right time. Do one thing and do it exceptionally well. Better than your fans, your competitors, your supporters or anyone else expects from you.

Isn't this the formula for success for every business and - frankly - every life? Be the very best at what you do. Pursue excellence with every fiber of your being. The result in this case was incredible coffee in a very unique delivery system with some of the prettiest packaging and equipment I've seen. But how does this apply to your life? Are you striving to be the very best at what you do in life? In excellence your goal? 

If not, take this moment to shift your focus. Decide to be unreasonably great at your craft, your business, your job, your life.

How did I get this from fabulous food and incredible coffee? Because it was clear that excellence was the goal of the PR team, the brand leaders, Padma, Master Chef Tiffany Derry and all of those involved. Passion for excellence is impossible to hide and always shines through.

Pursue excellence and don't settle for anything less in your life. Ever.

I'd like to graciously thank the Nespresso team for the invitation and the incredible products they shared with us. Thank you for a reminder to be truly great at even the finer details of my craft. True greatness is all in the details after all.

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Absolutely love this post Franki. I so agree with everything you wrote. Can't even say anything beyond that.

Thank you, Annie!

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