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March 11, 2012

Big on Style. Small on Space

Screen shot 2012-03-11 at 9.52.05 AM
Screen shot 2012-03-11 at 9.51.40 AM
The biggest adjustment I had to make when we moved to Texas was adjusting to the massive scale of the rooms inside of homes. Frankly, I'm still adjusting. It's not that yards are larger... but in Texas, bigger really is better and size does matter.

It comes down to volume. High ceilings, more square footage and what can seem live cavernous rooms. It's amazing - but quite a lot to adjust to when you've been conditioned to expect to need more petite furnishings or "regular scale" pieces. Such is not the case here. Go big - really big - or go home.

Of course this isn't everywhere or every home... and this certainly isn't the case in major cities across america. In light of this, it's nice (and savvy business practice) to see companies like Restoration Hardware offer more petite options. If you've shopped their showrooms you know how outrageously large their furniture and accessories can be.

But just today they released an email featuring what they call Big Style, Small Spaces. Those of you with a pied-à-terre or even just a normal home will certainly delight in the new collection! 

What the beautiful people are saying...

Small can still be luxurious. You might not be able to fit the California king bed in your little bedroom, but that doesn't mean you can't buy high end furniture and other luxury items to spruce up your small space. It's just a question of working with what you've got and highlighting the greatness in it.

I couldnt agree more! Quality over quantity any and every day ;)

I'm glad they are paying attention to those of us who choose to live small but well appointed. Good things come in small packages.
Speaking of Paris -just this morning I was posting images from my fall trip to France where I fell in love with the trend of satin on couches and dark neutrals. It seems like the natural/white trend has been around for awhile now and seeing the darker colors in Paris really looked fresh again.

Alex, youre making me long for a much needed vacation and trip to the real Laduree ;)

Something to say, gorgeous?

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