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January 10, 2012

So Hard to Choos

I own but one singular pair of ballet flats. They are a gorgeous pair of metallic snakeskin Revas, but I (not so) secretly loathe them. They remain in my closet rarely worn. I mean, doesn't the very phrase "dressed up" imply that one should be... elevated? So it's with great surprise that these hot pink ballet flats by (unlikely source) Jimmy Choo appeal to me.

The immediate draw is the noticeable improvement to the sole. I see traction there! In the Tory Burch flats you're afraid of stepping on the tiniest of crumbs for fear you'll feel it through the bottom of the shoe (how princess and the pea of me, right?). But these patent beauties have just enough verve to (maybe, almost, sort of) compensate for the lack of lift.

Between the gold-tipped bow tied at the toe to the dazzling little plaque at the heel, I'm reading "glamour meets all-day-walking comfort" from front to back. And just look at that gold interior? King Midas would be so proud.

Although I won't admit it often, a comfortable pair of flats is exactly what I'll need at High Point this year. Unfortunately I know myself well enough to admit that even if I get these, they'll sit in my bag in the hotel as I trounce around in heels. What can I say, habits like heels are hard to kick.

In the meantime I'll keep staring at these colorful little creations from Jimmy Choo, in all their Skittles-hued glory. Who knows... I might even be bold enough to brave the world in flats. Not likely... but maybe.

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