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January 08, 2012

Pet Beds for Fashion Forward Fido

Frankly, I haven't seen many advancements in the pet bed industry. I've seen better looking pillows and more plush fabrics used for those "domes" we all see... but nothing previously on the market was upscale enough to place next to your high end home furnishings.

I'm happy to say that I now stand corrected. On my desk is a lovely book of sample photography and information on designer Katherine Elizabeth's Pet Design Furniture. She calls it furniture because, quite frankly, it is furniture for your home that happens to accommodate dear Fido. This is no simple plump pillow with a bolster surround that you place on the floor of your laundry room. These are elevated, custom finished pieces made of wood strong enough to support up to 200lbs of puppy love. These oval-shaped creations are crafted of a double wall of bendable wood elevated, mounted on a solid wood base over turned wood legs. Each piece is easily handsome enough to earn a space in your stylish living room. So good looking, in fact, that it'd be a shame to hide it in a back room.

Beds can be built to your specifications. Each one goes through a minimum of a 12 hour construction and finishing process. You'll choose your wood finish, your upholstery and may even opt for additional customization. Pillows and bedding are non-toxic and organic (as we've come to expect) and the unique Kapok filler makes the bed uniquely buoyant. Why does that matter? It offers your precious pet special skeletal support and comfort for muscular conditions as well as allergies. (Kapok fiber is also particularly water and mold resistant, great for those of us obsessed with clean!)

Check out Elizabeth's twitter feed and Facebook page to see some amazing hand-painted options. This is ideal for those of you looking for an even more unique piece (as I believe many clients at this end of the design range will be). There are really remarkable creations.

Designers, there is info here on opening a wholesale account. I can say with certainty that your clients will be happy with quality options like these. Shopping your yourself? You may purchase them directly by getting in touch with KE Pet Designs or visiting one of these lovely stores. A portion of all sales go to The Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), whose mission is to provide care and dignity to homeless pets while finding them loving homes.

What the beautiful people are saying...

These are so pretty! It's nice that they have a wooden frame so they don't turn into a shapeless blob after being worn in... Our pet babies deserve 'real' furniture too! :)

What a nice way to put it, Alex. I love too that its elevated. Theres something nice about offering a cat or dog something gracious to get in and out of. These kind of blew me away. All Ive ever seen were some sort of pillow or pillow-box. The addition of a swanky wood frame is a nice touch!


To die for beds ... would love that for my babies!

I love them too! Seems they are launching two new versions: one for smaller pups (or cats) and a version thats fully upholstered.

These are interesting pieces of furniture, not sure if I'm a fan though.

Something to say, gorgeous?

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