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December 07, 2011

Venti Girl Holiday Gift Guide: The Man Who Has It All

According to my husband, a man who arrives a ta certain status in life must develop a robust knowledge and expertise of one or more of the following: good scotch, hunting, cigars, fine watches or golf. Since I'd be hard pressed to select the right set of clubs for him, and the cigars, hunting and scotch are best shared with fellow males, that leaves me with the lovely task of admiring pretty timepieces.


The latest in my long list of potential candidates is the Ball Trainmaster One Hundred Twenty. Much like my husband, it has classic styling with modern functionality. According to Luxist, this collector's edition luxe watch features a "very shock resistant and antimagnetic case (here in 18k rose gold and 39.5mm wide), as well as use of tritium gas tubes in the hour markers and hands. These tubes are filled with a naturally glowing material for perfect darkness reading for about two decades before the light begins to dim."

Why he'll love it: he'll be able to see the time in the dark of the night and can knock this around without fear of it losing its functionality or handsome good looks.

What I like about it: it's handsome, yet pretty. The clean face features sapphire crystal and is attached to wither a brown or black crocodile strap.

What I'm afraid to discover: the price. I've not seen the actual list price listed online anywhere.

What the beautiful people are saying...

What a perfect watch. You are so right though, the prices of watches could be reasonable to completely unreasonable at $5,000. HA.

You know what they say, if the price isn't listed it's probably to exspensive!

Something to say, gorgeous?

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