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Authored by Dallas-based luxury lifestyle blogger Franki Durbin. Celebrating the very best life has to offer.

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July 11, 2011

Mellon Drops

Tamara Melon 3  
Although it's against my brain wiring to want to "be" anyone else, there are certain persons for whom I might bend those rules a bit just to see how it felt to be them for a day. Take Tamara Mellon for a moment. Where to we begin? Legs for miles, a head for business, head of a famed Jimmy Choo empire, a shoe collection every girl dreams of (after all, if it's missing from her shoe wardrobe she simply designs it and - voila! - it appears in the product lineup and invariably in her closet. And then there's the matter of her NYC apartment. I can't stop gawking over it. More importantly, she's powerful, fun woman with a social calendar build to actually put those glamorous things to use.

Fortunately for me, an out of body experience isn't necessary. With a little focus I too can build a Choo Choo train of shoes to line my closet walls. And I can certainly recreate a few elements from her swanky Manhattan pad and equally swanky lifestyle.

First, there's the matter of that light fixture in her living room. Do you see it? I can't take my eyes from it. I love it. I need it. I want it. Right over my desk. Jewelry for the ceiling. It is nothing short of hot.It seems to be a George Kovacs fixture, although it is remarkably similar to this Janice Minor fixture as well. Regardless: it is mine. And that gets me one step closer to lifting some of her swanky style.

And since I'm in "King Midas" mode, loving every gold thing in sight,we might as well head on over to 1stDibs.com and see what else I can find to get me felling Mellon-y. These Maison Jansen nesting tables ought to do it. But since Tamara has a predeliction for wild things, I suspect this ram's head coffee table would be a fron runner in her shopping spree. After all, her enviable desk is made from a brass ram's head base - and it is to die for. But let's focus on the piece de resistance... her iconic white tufted leather sofa. Id you're really going for her look, it's a must. This one from 1stDibs should do nicely.

Add in a dash of apple green, sequins and towering heels and you've got the perfect Mellon Drop cocktail. Stay tuned as we stalk more celebrity homes and choose some of the key elements of style necessary to recreate those look. Ciao, bella!

Photos of Tamara's apartment procured from Accidental Chic, Velvet Moss and Harpers Bazaar.

What the beautiful people are saying...

Gosh, shoes shoes shoes! That closet can make any girl feel weak in the knees! And yes, the interiors too. Sigh. Despite shoe and house envy, I'd still tell you to stalk more celebrity homes, Franki. ;)

Am I blind or this women is piling up the same shoe models ?? isn't it weird ?

I saw that too. Maybe some are in heavy rotation & she invests in extras? I could see that.

Prepare for the journey, Zsa Zsa!

Something to say, gorgeous?

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