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Authored by Dallas-based luxury lifestyle blogger Franki Durbin. Celebrating the very best life has to offer.

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June 23, 2011

Room Service

003214-04-seaview-double-room 003214-05-villa-living-room

If you've spent any time in the Greek Isles dotting the Aegean Sea you'll agree that most of the interior design is similar. Breezy sheers, minimalist furnishings and a very white, white, white color palette. Honestly, I get it. The point of the journey is the spectacular view. And one of the thrills of travel abroad is the "sense of place" you get. Rome has its unique architecture, Venice has canals, Barcelona has its Gaudi-rich city vibe. The Greek Isles are recognizable for their whitewashed buildings climbing up steep hills with splashes of cobalt blue roofs peppering the landscape. If you fell from heaven into Santorini you'd likely know it when you opened your eyes. It's part of the charm.

This little jewel of a hotel, however, didn't get the memo on about bleached white sheets and cotton canvas chairs. Oh no. In fact, the Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites in Crete is unabashedly flamboyant in its use of color and opulence. One look at those suites and I am absolutely sold. Ivory bedding, beautifully upholstered furnishings and a rather luxe atmosphere distinguish this from the bulk of other boutique properties I've seen in this region.

We have a special place in our hearts for Greece since we were married there, and we are always looking for new places to discover. There's no way I'm going to Crete without a four night stay here. This is absolutely gorgeous and that unbelievable view will knock your socks off at sunset, let me assure you.

This boutique hotel tops my list for several reasons. In addition to complimentary use of the Elixir Spa (that's right, f-r-e-e), guests in villas enjoy their very own infinity pool with outstanding views of the Mediterranean. Settled. Villa is a must. Opa!

Get the full scoop here on Kiwi Collection.

What the beautiful people are saying...

Love the "luxe atmosphere!" Really is one-of-a-kind!

That purple and gold chair is to die for!

OH.MY.GOD. What spectacular views!! Love the wicker chair with those huge yellow and white pillows. With a view like this, you'd want to be on vacation forever!

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Your blog is like a breath of fresh air. Ahhhh . . .

Thank you so much!!

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