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Authored by Dallas-based luxury lifestyle blogger Franki Durbin. Celebrating the very best life has to offer.

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May 26, 2011

What It Takes to Succeed

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Every day I have conversations with friends, colleagues and strangers who share that they dream of this or want that or hope for xyz. The thing is, do they? I'm not seeing much to show that they have a passion for that dream or possess a plan for attainment.

Hope to lose 60 pounds? That Snackwell cookie dangling from your lips while surfing the web isn't helping. Want to live in a mansion that you own free and clear? I hope you're reading this from your smartphone as you rush off to your next big pitch meeting.

The point is, it takes a plan of action and... wait for it... ACTION to get what you want. Success doesn't just happen. You have to know exactly what you want. Me? I want that fat house, free and clear. I want optimal health & fitness. I want a successful design business. Do you know what I do? I get up early, I work out, I hone my craft and I go for it... each and every day. Working on my plan. Pursuing my dream. Chasing it. Crushing it. It takes motion, movement and some sacrifices.

For me that sacrifice is a little sleep, missed BravoTV etc.  My TiVo box is filled with "when I have time I'll see it" shows and to be honest, I am having trouble finding time. When I'm not busy working I'm spending quality time with my daughter and my husband and our friends. They take priority over whatever Kelly and Ramona might be doing this season. (Bethenny, however, is in a league of her own. I make time for her. Watching Bethenny Ever After is like watching myself on a reality show. She's a bit much for other people, but I totally relate to her particular brand of crazy. She's a self-made woman. LOVE. HER.)

Am I there yet? Fortunately, no. I have much to do before I "arrive" where I'm headed. I'm enjoying the process of designing it, building it, dreaming it, working for it. And I'm going to get there. It's just how I'm wired. And the process of working for it and seeing it come to fruition by my own actions is readying me to appreciate my vision of success when I achieve it. But step one is having a specific vision of what you want and be willing to actually change your life to pursue it. Without that you're just drifting along hoping. And "hope" may be a pleasant concept, but it isn't getting you closer to that rockin' body next to the infinity pool overlooking the lapping waves. It isn't building your brand, your company or your bank account.

So... how about it? What is it that will compel you to get out of bed early tomorrow? Hire a trainer. Read a book. Set an alarm clock. Make 10 calls you've been putting off. Do what it takes to shake yourself out of that "someday" state and get moving.

What the beautiful people are saying...

Amen! If only more people thought this way instead of all the lazy entitlement mentality that seems so prevalent.

I'm with you - working hard every day - unfortunately down to about 4 hours sleep so clearly need to figure out time efficiency next!!

Exactly, James. Im seeing it everywhere. But when someone is working hard, you see it and its a beautiful thing!

Somethings gotta give, Q. You need sleep! Hopefully its only temporary and youll be there soon!

Couldn't agree more! Such true words. It's actually painful when I see & hear people around me talking about their hopes and dreams, followed by sighs and little or no action to make those dreams come to pass. Then they ask me why I haven't watched so and so show and don't understand when I respond with, I was working or reading another business book instead.
I look forward to reading about your fat house soon!

Ha! Thanks, Maria!

Stay tuned.... much more on this to come!

LOVE this. Just what I needed to get my a** in gear this morning.

So inspired by your attitude and motivation! Some days are harder than others, but just keepin' on keepin' on is the way to go---so appreciate your outlook on this! ~Tricia

Great timing Franki, I just drafted a post along the same lines, but more of going from "wish" to "goal". Love it!
xoxo Carrie

I love it! Crack that whip!!! Perfect timing...I need to revisit my vision. thanks for the post!

Consider it cracked, Katie ;)


Tricia, some days it just bubbles to the surface and I cant fight my fingers from typing it out. It actually makes me sad to see people just wishing & hoping for things. You really do make your own luck!

You inspire me, girlie! This post is so honest and true. Love you bunches!

AMEN, AMEN, AMEN! I love this post. You are right and your message is inspirational.

Oksana from www.ordermatters.com/blog

I hear ya Franki! I jump out of bed every morning to see how many print or note card orders may have come in overnight. I work all day and well into each evening. Weekends? What's that? Time off? Who needs it? When you're self-employed with a plan, you're working even when you're not. And when you're doing something you love, that's drives you even more.

Go to it, girlfriend. I'm right beside you. Let's DO THIS.

Amen, edwina!!!




Hi franki durbin,
Edwina@FASHION + ART (eoelliott@eoefashionandart.com) has left you a comment:

I hear ya Franki! I jump out of bed every morning to see how many print or note card orders may have come in overnight. I work all day and well into each evening. Weekends? Whats that? Time off? Who needs it? When youre self-employed with a plan, youre working even when youre not. And when youre doing something you love, thats drives you even more.

Go to it, girlfriend. Im right beside you. Lets DO THIS.

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Frankie, this post made me smile, then I had an aha moment - it's all Ramona and Kelly's fault that I am chubby, have credit card debt, and have barely had time for my little personal blog lately! :)

So very true, certainly got my attention and some food for thought.
I think I need to do more....

ha! Yes, becky... yes it is all their fault! :) Love you, girl!

Hi Franki! Happy 2014:-) Your post is right on time...(I think you tuned into my brain and figured out just what I need to hear/read and I stumble upon at just when I'm supposed to.) I've set 3 main goals for this year: LOVE, HEALTH and TRAVEL. I created a plan and I'm working it...yes, 5:45am workouts aren't ideal but how I'm beginning to feel in my body certainly is. Keep writing, darling Franki and I promise to keep reading.

Something to say, gorgeous?

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