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May 18, 2011

Venti Loves Pearson

I've been quietly in love with a brand for some time now. A love affair was born from the moment I sat on the icy blue velvet Billy Baldwin-esque sectional above. (Hello there, handsome!) It was located at the entrance of the Pearson showroom in High Point several markets ago. As it turns out, the entire space was loaded with incredible pieces waiting to be discovered. As a few of us enjoyed a tour we discovered vignette after vignette of incredible work. Trina Turk here, eglomise there, imported one-of-a-kind pieces there.

I knew right then and there that this brand wasn't nearly as conservative as I once believed. Their secret weapon? Creative director Jennifer McConnell. She is so far ahead of the trend curve that it boggles the mind. Her bold upholstery choices and color combos are at least a season ahead. At least. Her creations are nothing short of breathtaking and her eye for noteworthy details in unrivaled.

I'm almost convinced she has a crystal ball in her office hidden behind that wall of textile samples. The reality is that Jennifer scours the globe in her never ending quest for the next big thing. She coolfinds and we enjoy the bounty of her worldly discoveries. In addition to the occasional antique and exclusive fabrics, that worldly exploration translates into new additions to the product line and unique ways of presenting the look. Her informed eye keeps Pearson's collection in the pages of those glossy shelter magazines and in our living rooms. It may sound like a dream job (yes, it certainly does), but a position of this magnitude is hard work even if you love to travel.

It says a lot about this very established company (they are celebrating their 70th anniversary this year) they they share her vision and her creative direction. The brand enjoys a a deeply traditional base, but it's important to realize that traditional really means timeless and classic. Pearson offers surprising details, some impeccably chic silhouettes and downright fresh designs.

Not long after that initial moment on the sectional my company began working with Pearson to design and launch their textile site, PearsonTextiles.com. A great working relationship evolved and I began to more fully understand the brand and the uniqueness of the products. This year our creative team redesigned their main site. Around the time of April market we realized that what was missing from the mix was a platform for showing Pearson's true vibe. Their look is young, fresh and vibrant. I took a personal interest in wanting to showcase that vision.

The news? I'm now taking on the role of blogger and social media presence for Pearson myself.  I'll be sprinkling a little of that Venti touch on the Pearson blog and have even fired up a twitter handle for them.

Here on Venti Cup I straddle the line between fashion, travel and interiors. That special mix is the recipe behind the Venti cocktail. But I have to admit, I'm really looking forward to focusing exclusively on furnishings and interior design. It is my true passion and my focus. There will be a constant stream of posts falling under the category of Jennifer's Journeys. In these I'll interview Jennifer to learn more about her global searches for the new and fabulous. What did she see? Who did she meet? What was it like? What did she wear?  And of course: how was the coffee? of course what we really need to know is whether or not she sourced a new crystal ball. Inquiring minds want to know.

This is also a chance to showcase some of their more unusual custom creations. In the world of luxury furnishings every order is custom, but occasionally a client needs something incredibly specific and unique. In these cases I will be able to reveal some of the artist renderings that were drawn up before the unique masterpiece was created.

This isn't just a few posts here and there... this is me digging into a brand in a way I've never done before. A brand I truly love. There is a lot to explore and I'm very excited by the partnership. Slide on over to the Pearson Inspiration blog so you can show me some blog love. And...follow me on Twitter as well. The fun is about to begin!

{photo above taken @ High Point market a few years ago. I'm sitting w/ fellow friends & bloggers Paloma, Heather & Cassandra}

What the beautiful people are saying...

Really gorgeous pieces there from Pearson! It's just amazing how designers can come up with such great ideas on how to make our homes more beautiful. By the way, have you tried looking into fair trade and eco-friendly interior design options? They're quite lovely, too!

Pearson has so many lovely pieces! I'm sure you'll have so much fun working with them.

Thank you, Erin!

What a fab opportunity Franki! Congrats, I look forward to hearing more.

Thank you, Carrie! It should be fun. Ive been enjoying digging into the local showrooms here that feature Pearson. So much to see!

Something to say, gorgeous?

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