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May 31, 2011

Boutique of the Week: Petit Nest


There's not much I love more than a good "I did it my way" story. This one packs a bit of star power into its punch. Tiffany Thiessen and designer Lonni Paul (a total celeb in her own right) collaborated to fill a gaping void in the youth furnishings market. The result? Petit Nest: A very stylish collection of furnishings & textiles that don't scream "mass market" solution.

As both mother and nursery designer I can say with confidence that this is one are a of the furnishings market that is sorely overlooked. On one end of the spectrum are sad twin beds offering no hint of style. While these are moderately priced they are also poorly constructed. I'm always against "spending" money and in favor of "investing" in the best you can afford. But the other end of the youth furniture market is equally scary. $5000 canopy make me squirm in my seat. These specimens are often well-made but unquestionably overstyled, leaving little opportunity for the pieces to "grow with" your child.

Tiffany & Lonni decided to do something about it. The Petit Nest collection has the modern pop of Dwell Studio pieces, but takes it even further. There is no collection for boy vs girl... each design is suitable for either gender. With so many friends waiting to be surprised by the sex of their baby I think this was a very savvy move on their part. In terms of style, the furniture and bedding sets would look just as good in a traditional home as in a modern loft. The clean design silhouettes are stylish enough to seamlessly integrity with the rest of your home while still giving the baby's room a decidedly sweet nursery look.

In terms of pricing, the pieces fall into the sweet spot: The Alouette Crib above is $1499 and the dressers come in at around $1650. While not inexpensive, I suspect these pieces are built to last and will deliver solid use for many years. They are beautifully designed, made in America & eco-friendly.Visit their site for more info or shop online at Give Wink.

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