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March 27, 2011

Beachy Keen

Screen shot 2011-03-27 at 2.24.52 PM Murano-cabriolet-awd-convertible

A short while ago I was invited to check out a brand new kind of car. If you've been reading for a while, you know I LOVE cars and have a particular affinity for convertibles. There's something about the idea of cruising down the coast, ragtop down, breeze in your hair and a smile on your face that encapsulates the Venti Life concept. Living every moment to the fullest and really embracing life. I think it's partially because driving a convertible requires full commitment on the part of the owner. A few things are certain: you will have messy, windblown hair. You will garner attention. You will have fun. It's guaranteed. Is it for everyone? Truthfully it's all about timing. At some point in your life I feel everyone must own a convertible. I'd have loved a convertible in high school. Now that I have a little one to incorporate into my daily life it's not the best time (even though I'd love the thrill of tooling around my little neighborhood running to and from the coffee shop and gym). But give me a few years and I'm in. Fully and completely in.

But back to this car. This one was a little different than most. First, it's an SUV convertible. Let that sink in for a moment. That's right. An SUV with the top down. Now I've got your attention. Next shocker, it's a Nissan. And it's as cute as it can be. Two doors, a slightly higher ride than a typical car, leather interior, 20" wheels, GPS, Sirius Radio - the works. In fact, every car comes fully loaded with all the bells and whistles (how's that for fabulous?). No thinking required. Just get in, push the button to open the top (no latches!) and you're off. It is truly a thing of beauty.

The invitation was simple... come down to the Omphoy Resort, drive the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet, enjoy a fabulous lunch prepared by Michelle Bernstein at her oceanview restaurant in this swanky resort hotel (she is positively adorable in person, by the way) and go home. Simple enough. Let me assure you, they didn't need to ask me twice. I was on this like white on rice, baby.

What they didn't tell me is that I'd actually really dig the car. Nor did they tell me I'd be driving it on the stretch of land otherwise known as glorious Palm Beach (oceanfront mansions - oh yeah!). Hello, heaven on earth.

I went. I drove. I drooled. I returned. And now I know I must own a convertible a bit sooner than planned. And really, this one rocks. I also realized need to own some oceanfront property and should probably add in larger sunglasses to that "must get" list. This was Venti Living in every way. Carefree, fabulous, fun. 

The entire trip from start to finish was flawless. I can't thank my gracious hosts enough. The room, the treatment, the amazing car, the hospitality - all top quality. The convertible had local residents gawking and commenting. It certainly drew stares and elicited much curiosity. In pretty metallic paints, this car is not for the shy among you, but it is for anyone looking to smile a bit wider and live a bit more joyfully. Two things everyone needs more of in life. Pre-order your smile maker here.

What the beautiful people are saying...

That convertible SUV is darling.. I'm in the market for a convertible and that would be sooooo cool. The deal breaker, however, is the soft top. If they make with a hardtop, it would be totally fierce. Thanks for sharing.

Oooh what a hot little car! What a fun day you had my dear.

Zena, missed your comment. The scoop with their soft top is that the rear seats actually have their own sunroof - a glass one. Why? because the rear seats possess rollbars behind their heads and in the event of a tumble those babies shoot up and break through the glass. Pretty wild safety feature!

Hey, i've been reading this blog for a while and have a question, maybe you can help... it's how do i add your feed to my rss reader as i want to follow you. Thanks.

Something to say, gorgeous?

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