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February 27, 2011

Holy Rizzoli!

Is it just me, or is every book you're reading a Rizzoli production? The list of books I'm reading and dying to read are all Rizzoli publications. They have the corner on the market of the design & fashion titles of the moment and I am more than happy to further their cause.

Last week I was thrilled to add Charlotte Moss Decorates and Parisian Interiors to my bedside table. Before going further I want to offer a thought... it's a shame that books have become mere props lately. Every showroom worth it's client book is loaded with the latest and greatest fashion tomes and design "bibles" du jour. Peek into any photo shoot and you're likely to see the hardback Lanvin or I Married Adventure covers lurking somewhere. I admit I do own both, partly because they became ubiquitous a few years ago. The difference is I've read and devoured their contents. I don't think some design fans have so much as opened them.

Be sure you LIKE the books you own. Don't just choose them for their pretty covers or popularity. For all you know you won't actually like it - and that's okay. It's great to be different and form your own opinions. These are creations by designers or authors dying to inform you and entertain you. You can learn so much from a well written design book. Just take Thomas O'Brien's book American Modern from 2010. Holy smokes! Talk about a private lesson from the grand master of modern American design himself. Buy it. Read it. Think about it. Read it again.

Like Thomas, Charlotte takes it upon herself in this latest book to school the masses. She peppers this book with quick outtakes and thoughtful notes inside chapters. Charlotte is certainly not at risk of being dethroned, and it shows. It takes a confident master to share design secrets. She generously shares her of design approach and how the needs/wants/tastes of her clients come through in her designs. She holds your hand and leads you through some amazing projects. She may be known for her "why not" approach to design... and in this hearty book she seems to be saying "why not" share the inner workings of her thinking with fans.

Verdict: a fan before. An avid fan after reading this. Grab a copy and a comfy chair. Enjoy.

The next book that delighted me was the gorgeous Parisian Interiors. It's actually published by sister company Flammarion, but is distributed by Rizzoli in the US. It left me wishing I could turn back time and re-live my life as a girl in Paris. When the fog lifted from the dreamy photos I realized that it is my duty as a lover of design and fashion to spend time in Paris. The fabuleux homes showcased in this book are those of Paris's well-heeled and most stylish. Soaring ceilings and undeniably French detailing will have you logging on to Expedia at 2am to see what it would take to arrive in Paris by Monday. I always enjoy these aspirational books, but this particular book was so intimately produced that just owning it makes me happy. It's like a private tour of some of Paris's very best homes. A trip of a lifetime hidden between covers.

Verdict: WOW! If you (like EVERY American girl I know) wishes she were young, single, French and living the fabulous life of the Parisian chic, read this at your neighborhood cafe drinking espresso. Prepare to be transported.

The extra bonus here is this: both of these books look fantastic. Only now you'll have the added thrill of having read them and enjoyed them. :)

But back to Rizzoli... indulge your inner bookworm and see the bounty that is the Rizzoli inventory. I guarantee you'll begin creating a wish list of titles. I find myself unable to stop adding to my own list of "must read" titles, including the new Marcel Wanders Interiors volume. Beyond that I'm dying to explore their children's books as well. My little one absolutely loves reading and we want to continue indulging her in her growing love of books.

Happy weekend, everyone... and happy reading.


What the beautiful people are saying...

I love books Franki, and this is a really helpful post. Still wish I could hire you. Maybe someday :)

I love books Franki, and this is a really helpful post. Still wish I could hire you. Maybe someday :)

Awww! What a nice thing to say! Thank you! xoxox

I swear that I wasn't multi-tasking. My attention was fully vested in your post. But, if I had been multi-tasking, it would have been to thumb through a retro Rizzoli oeuvre from '08 - Regency Redux - which is currently sitting on my desk.

I can't agree with you more. Rizzoli is da bomb when it comes to design books (does anyone still say "da bomb"?). The books are always well written, educational, and overflowing with lovely photos.

Parisian Interiors arrived on Friday. Yippee! Have to save up my pennies for Charlotte Moss next, I guess. Thanks for the great post!

Scott, some of us DO still say da bomb... and you most certainly are da bomb. Thanks for swinging by the crib! ;)

I was reading something else about this on another blog. Interesting. Your position on it is diametrically contradicted to what I read earlier. I am still contemplating over the opposite points of view, but I'm tipped heavily toward yours. And no matter, that's what is so great about modernized democracy and the marketplace of thoughts on-line.

Hey, i've been reading this blog for a while and have a question, maybe you can help... it's how do i add your feed to my rss reader as i want to follow you. Thanks.

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