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January 15, 2011

Feathering Your Nest

Screen shot 2011-01-15 at 9.00.24 AM
Screen shot 2011-01-15 at 8.59.45 AM
Screen shot 2011-01-15 at 8.59.36 AM
Screen shot 2011-01-15 at 9.00.50 AM
Nothing personalizes a room like art. It establishes your taste. It indicates your passions. It delights you. It intrigues you. It pleases you. With all of these great reasons to surround yourself with artwork I'm surprised so many of us don't. Affordability is no longer an excuse thanks to outlets like eBay and etsy where aspiring (read: sensibly priced) art can be found. In terms of judging good art from bad, the only thing that matters it speaks to you.

For many years my true art passion was sculpture and black & white photography. Lately, however, I feel so moved by color. I'm inspired to move to the canvas and fill my walls with pieces I create. I love charcoal sketches. I adore figure drawings. I love line art and fashion illustrations. If you can frame it, hand it or stretch it onto quality canvas I'm in heaven.And it's a skill I've let slide sue to work, interests, growing up, being busy... you name it.

As I surfed for fabulous images to illustrate my point (in more ways that one) I came across Tobi Fairley's 2011 goals. Amazing how similar hers were to mine. I've noticed all of my blogger/designer girlfriends are fiendishly working, building our brands, barely taking time to breathe. We are self-professed high achievers. We set goals and we accomplish them. We want it all and we are going for it. We're investing our hearts and souls into our work - our passion - but we're often losing that balance (or at the very least the sleep) we so desire.

This year I commit to spending more time pursuing my passions (creating art, making more time for photography and creating Blurb books from the best photos) and seizing the moment. The days flew by last year. I don't want that to happen in 2011. I want to be present. I want to be in the moment. More importantly, I want to document my life and adorn my walls with evidence of a life richly lived.

For me, art does this. Painting does this. Sketching delivers this. I'm away from the laptop. I'm in my "element" and I am in the zone. It puts me under somewhat of a spell and helps me tap into parts of my brain that I am often to busy to hear. Right now I need that kind of an outlet.

I've found that by stepping back for those moments to be in my own element I am actually more alive, more present and more engaged when I'm with others. It isn't a selfish act at all. In fact, it would be more selfish to not pursue those interests and tap into my true creativity.

If you've abandoned a passion of yours lately due to a busy schedule or mismanaged time, it's time. Write that book. Make those calls. Take that trip. Wherever you passion leads you - follow. Your work, your family and your friendships will all be enriched by the journey.

{images all via Suzanne Kasler's portfolio... she understands the power of art to transform a life and a space}

What the beautiful people are saying...

Love these images but especially the last two!! Great goal for this year - so many bloggers I know are trying to incorporate painting or other creative endeavors into their lives this year!!

Love this post, it truely resonates with me. As a business owner, blogger and interior designer I find myself overwhelmed by my "to-do" list. You reminded me to take time for what I love; creating art, appreciating others art and designing. Thanks

Hi Frankie, Happy New Year! I couldn't have said this better myself and feel the same way. In fact, I am about to work on some of my Blurb books now. Thanks for such an inspiring post, I love the art, especially the first two rooms!

You are so welcome! Thrilled it hit a chord with you as well. Its time I turned myself into a client and began pouring creativity into my own projects!

Sent from my iPhone

Do it, Cathy! Dont you feel sometimes that were depriving our creative own selves for the sake of someone elses perfectly appointed dining room? I really feel if we invest in ourselves first, our friends, family AND clients will benefit.

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Oh my! What a very lovely living room you have there.

I know all about being totally present when you are working on a painting, as I spend most of my time in my studio. For me there is nothing like an afternoon spent gallery hopping, standing before paintings on canvases that beckon you in, making you want to spend hours just staring at them. Beautiful post, Franki!

Sandy, youve merged passion profession... so dreamy!

Thank you for swinging by!

Something to say, gorgeous?

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