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December 20, 2010

Venti Girl Gift Guide: The Alpha Female

Alpha She doesn't just enter a room, she changes the very energy of the space simply by entering. It's women like her for whom the Louboutin Misfit sandals were imagined. Six inches of aggressive black leather and suede with a 1.5" platform. Yes, these shoes are the perfect match for this force of nature we call the Alpha female. Opinionated and strong, she isn't everyone's cup of tea. Lest you think her bold persona makes her cold and heartless, the ruffled fronts and flirty tassles of these gorgeous shoes remind you that she's all woman. And as she walks away, leaving the meek in her dust, she flashes glimpses at those coveted red soles. These aren't so much shoes, but a statement about the woman herself. She's fearless, fabulous and ready to conquer the world - one glamorous step at a time.

What the beautiful people are saying...

This is really cool! I like this.

These are so alpha and with those swingy tassels, I truly love them!

xo mary jo

Thanks for swinging by. Happy holidays!

Thanks, doll!

he let someone bit on that.

we are just confused with the idea.

Something to say, gorgeous?

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