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Authored by Dallas-based luxury lifestyle blogger Franki Durbin. Celebrating the very best life has to offer.

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July 02, 2010

Personal Freedom

Screen shot 2010-07-02 at 10.47.55 AM Life in interesting. I noticed that the first year I worked for myself - really worked outside of corporate walls - my "true" personality fully emerged. All those years playing nice-nice and deftly working office politics resulted in a more muted version of me. Dress codes, corporate policies, internet usage protocols, meetings, break room etiquette, schedules... all part of the "work as a team" package. Imagine not having to abide by anyone else's rules or standards. That's freedom.

A few months into my journey I was shockingly aware that the fullness and realness of me had arrived. I laughed more, played more, worked more, delivered more and certainly learned more than ever before. The "real me" as Carrie Bradshaw would say had so fully come about that I could (and would) never again hide my shine from the world. Five years later and it's clear to me that the changes are irreversible. Never again will it be possible to work in the confines of a personality stifling office.

Surely this isn't the case for everyone, but for me - a very creative individual who might just be a wee bit too full of energy and a zeal for life - office living doesn't work. For me to fully embrace my creativity, my passion for fashion, my love of design and my desire to express myself fully it took building my own business. Maybe the changes simply coincided with personal growth that would have occurred anyway. Maybe building a personal brand changed me. Maybe the changes were inevitable. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that I'm free, I'm fabulously happy and it's empowering to create your own future.

Is it easy? No. Nothing worthwhile ever is easy. And I wouldn't want it to be without challenges. I savor the difficult projects and the occasional frequent long hours because it gives me great satisfaction to invest so fully in myself and in my future. If you give of yourself completely and bring passion and purpose to every engagement, success won't hide from you for long. Is it an awe inspiring responsibility? Holding your own future in your hands? Yes. But I wouldn't trade it for all the Herman Miller chairs and break room Starbucks coffee in the world.

On this long holiday weekend I find myself taking a step back to marvel at the journey of my life and appreciating my own personal braveness. Life is fun if you seize it. A good life - a full, exciting life -  involves risk, periods of uncertainty and a complete trust in your instincts.

Do you want to know what defines true success? Being the best that you yourself can be. It's not about living to meet anyone else's standards. It's not about making 10% more than your neighbors. It's not about having what someone else has or wanting what someone else covets. It's about achieving all that you yourself can achieve. Being your own personal best. Nothing else will deliver such satisfaction.

Happy independence day everyone. I hope you create a terrific weekend for yourself. Relish and delight in your personal freedom. You deserve it.  

{the above to-die-for shoes are none other than the delicious Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Sandals in Metallic Gold.}

What the beautiful people are saying...

What a wonderful post! I am glad you're persuing your freedom and finding your happiness in the process.

Knowing you on both sides now, I can say you are totally on with this, and the inspiration you exude is amazing!!! Happy Independence Day to our country and to you my dear!:)

Truly inspirational. We are all so busy trying to please other people, we forget to please ourselves. Its really nice to hear when one of us finds the secret to happiness.
Have a lovely weekend. x

So, I have to ask, what do you do now, professionally? I work in an office where I do stifle bits of myself and I'd love to work for myself but I can't imagine my new day job.

I'd love to be so happy!

Thank you all for the feedback! These are often posts I'm hesitant to publish, as they are small acts of bravery. Amy, I'm an interactive & branding designer. I design & create fun things like the quiz at the top left of the site as well as web sites for popular brands. I've been doing it for quite some time, and still love it!

Our nation was built on this same kind of "can do" attitude. LOVE IT! And this will probably be the only time I ever begin a sentence with "Our nation". I prefer "My shoes...".

Franki, what a wonderful post! People need personal freedom so desperately, even if they don't realize it. It's what allows us to come to our full potential, accept and embrace ourselves and ultimately be happy with this wonderful gift of life we all have.

You've also stopped me dead in my tracks with these fierce YSLs that I have been ogling at for months now. Sigh. Hope you had a fabulous 4th of July!

i'm happy to hear you're at such a good place in life. your career change is such an inspiration to me! i too aspire to break out of office confines and start my own brand one day. one more year of school and then we'll see! thank you for the constant motivation.

Bravo.. Bravo... I just had to leap back into the corporate mix and it stinks to high heaven. Love your words.. I am inspired to start my own business again.


Bravo.. Bravo... I just had to leap back into the corporate mix and it stinks to high heaven. Love your words.. I am inspired to start my own business again.


Bravo.. Bravo... I just had to leap back into the corporate mix and it stinks to high heaven. Love your words.. I am inspired to start my own business again.


Ladies, I'm torturing myself with those gold platforms... I need an excuse to buy these gold babies!

Boca do Lobo usually gets inspiration from yves Sant Lourant and their wonderful pieces. The attention to detail and the exclusive feeling of this brand are an example to us all at Boca do Lobo.

Boca do Lobo

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