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May 02, 2010

Without Purpose, There is no Passion (Part Deux)

Fighting_positano A wonderful twitter friend reminded me of this quote yesterday "Without Passion there is no Purpose." To her, I owe this post. Lately I've noticed a lack of... something in my life. Looking around I could not determine what was lacking. "Things" were not going to fill the void. My calendar was filled with activities. It wasn't work. It wasn't play. I felt stumped. Somehow 2010 had arrives, we'd accomplished some very heft personal milestones in our home and have big (big!) plans for the coming year and those ahead. And yet... I was painfully aware that I was missing something enormous from my life.

Then yesterday at 7:45 am, @AyeshaJ shot me this tweet. It was a quote from a previous post of mine. I was busy getting ready to go to a friend's house for breakfast. While Ayesha's notes had fueled my morning, the rest of the day's activities combined would drastically alter my life path. What I'd thought would be a quiet breakfast among friends turned out to be a mid-size gathering of powerful women. I don't mean captains of industry or bodybuilders (although some of those were in he mix)... I mean women truly in touch with themselves, their relationships and their purpose. The conversation over breakfast and the bonding that occurred was the best two hours I've invested in some time.

As the day unfolded and the sun continued to shine (literally and figuratively) I began to realize I'd shifted into somewhat of an autopilot rhythm. That's not like me. I'm a firm believer in MAKING THINGS HAPPEN. In my mind, you must MUST design the life you want. Success, happiness, good health, abundance and wealth of spirit do not just happen. You aim for it, you plan for it, you pray in thanks for it, and you make it happen. Expect good things and they will indeed manifest. But go on autopilot and "hope things pan out" is not the key to a good life. And certainly not a fulfilling one.  Faith_aegean So after an unusual night of restless sleep, I feel more renewed and focused than I've felt in months. It's time I started swallowing my own medicine. The phrase "Rise to the occasion" has been on my mind for months. Months. Well, life... I am rising to the occasion.Thank you for the smack on the bum.

How do you go about change? 1) decide what you want 2) determine what it will take to get there 3) take small steps beginning IMMEDIATELY to get you closer to those goals 4) GO!

So I absolutely know what I want. I've written it down (a number of times) in a journal. But I'm going to write it down again. In even greater detail. I'm going to sit outside at the park while my daughter plays and write in my lovely pink leather bound planer (which I've been saving for an occasion such as this!) and write it out. I need to see it... in detail...again. For step two I already know many tiny changes to make in my daly life that will bring about tremendous change and instant gratification. It will bring me closer to those I love and build a better life for our family and friends. Path_grappa If you're sitting there wanting more, realize that help is not on the way. You've got to design the life you want and go get it. Remember, faith without works is pointless. You've got to get yourself into action to life a fulfilling life. Don't fall prey to letting the days slip by without being memorable. This is NOT a dress rehearsal, readers. It's May.... what do you need to accomplish by 2011?

Start by writing out your ultimate life goals. Go way out there and dream it...fearlessly. Write as if there are no limits whatsoever. Then take a step back and read it with fresh eyes. What's the disparity between that life and the one you're living? how do you reconcile that? Make major goals that you need to reach for, but offer yourself micro-goals as well. I like to give myself three mini-goals each day. It helps me feel a grand sense of accomplishment. I write them down on a fresh sheet of paper in my binder and cross them out as I complete them. Remember.. these can be small. The point is to develop momentum. Get moving.

So... as I sip my late morning cup of coffee I want to challenge you to join me on yet another Venti Challenge. If you missed the last one, you may want to read some of these posts to catch up.

Call it my annual mental spring cleaning... but it's time. Design the life you want. Now.

{creative art from my online boutique, the venti cafe}

What the beautiful people are saying...

this post gave me chills. i'm going to go read more about this venti challenge business — you've got me way inspired. thank you, thank you, thank you!

this sounds so brave and inspiring. i too have been on the same quest, journey and left my job yesterday. my plan tomorrow is to sit in the park with my journal and realign what i'd like to do with my life. good luck :) xoxo

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