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May 01, 2010

Love Me Knot Mother's Day Giveaway

Love-me-knot_pinkMd_mod Love-me-knot_multi
Md_context It's almost Mother's Day and this amazing giveaway can help you make it extra special for the loving and fabulous mom in your life. My Venti Cafe has partnered with Imagekind to bring you a last-minute gift. The gift of art. One lucky winner will receive a 17" x 17" story frame that holds four 5" x 5" photos. You, dear winner, can choose the art, the frame finish and the matting. (That's what is so cool about Imagekind.. it empowers you to create custom, framed works of art without ever walking into a frame shop!)

In addition to the gorgeous frame, I'm tossing in the art itself. If your mom is the edgy and cool type, she may love the Love Me Knot design in Glam Black. Is mommy more the Lilly Pulitzer type? Choose from the other five vibrant colors to create your arrangement or take a look at the newest release in multicolor. Regardless, you have to hurry. Giveaway ends Sunday night at midnight CST.

How do you win? In the comments below, share a memorable Mother's Day story. Maybe it was the first year you yourself became a mom... maybe you recall taking your mom to lunch on Mother's Day when you were just a tot. Maybe it was a year you and your mom bonded as adults. Maybe you have something more unique and personal to share... winner will be drawn at random. Contest ends this Sunday night - so hurry!

{Small print: Winner will get to choose from Love Me Knot designs (solid and multicolor) and will then choose framing options via Imagekind. Must live within North America. This lovely gift might arrive a day or so after Mother's Day due to the realities of life and schedules, but we'll keep our fingers crossed!}

What the beautiful people are saying...

I remember taking my mother to dinner to Houston's (this was back before it became kind of "mainstream") and she was so surprised! We both had the Hawaiian Ribeye (Mmm so delicious!) with baked potatoes. Which is bad because I'm vegetarian and it's so good that it has me thinking of reverting back! Nevertheless, I was the one to foot the bill on her special day... she's worth it and more!

The crazy thing about it all was that we both had on striped sweaters... that matched. At the time I was 22 or so. Just when you thought that the "dress alike" days would end in your early years...

Oh thats such a good story! And I had to laugh - because I know exactly what you mean about Houstons becoming mainstream now.... but it was the place at one time!

Thanks for sharing!


I am really, really looking forward to this coming Mother's Day. My mom has had a tough year - my dad was in an accident and in the hospital for months (but so much better now) and unemployment. I plan on taking her out for a nice meal and shopping - luxuries she no longer enjoys. She's the most important person to me, and I look forward to spending time with her.

Great giveaway!

My first year at college, my mom came out to NYC to help me move back at the end of the semester. It just so happened to coincide with Mother's Day, so we got to spend it in NYC together. I took her to Alice's Tea Cup for brunch, which was the perfect mother-daughter restaurant. We went to movies and my favorite up-and-coming jewelry and design market in SoHo. After missing her all year, it was amazing to get to spend that time with her in a city I now knew and loved. The service at my church that Sunday was about mothers and I remember saying to her that I would have been in tears had she not been there with me.
(BTW great giveaway! :) )

my birthday is near mother's day, so it's always fun to celebrate our mother-daughter bond this time of year!

My first Mother's day was last year - my daughter was almost 11 months old and my hubby forgot. Yep. I had to inform him that I had not taught her to online shop just yet so it was his job to do the mother's day thing NOT our infant daughter's! I think he will remember this year LOL!

BTW - beautiful design!

What a generous giveaway!

My most memorable mother's day was probably my first mother's day with my daughter. After having a child, I only then fully understood how much my mom loved me. It is such a unique bond. I spent that mother's day with her, my new daughter and the rest of our family. I don't even remember what we did - the important thing was that we were all together.

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Very fun and cool. My parents just celebrated their 80th birthday and we celebrated with a luncheon for them today. I don't know what I would do without my Mother.

Art by Karena

Very cool giveaway!

One of my memorable moments was the first mother's day my husband and I shared with both our mothers together. It was a nice melding of two families and a special moment, I thought.

Angela, I so agree... Mothers Day means so much to me this year. Last year my daughter was too young for me to get it...but now Im a full fledged mom and feel the holiday is well deserved. Cant wait to honor fathers day as well for my hubby!

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Because life is too short to think small.

I think this year is destined to be my most memorable Mother's Day. I have a toddler and I had twins three months ago who were born at 33 weeks, following a difficult pregnancy. We were told at 22 weeks that one baby was a lot smaller and the doctors suspected he might have severe health issues. There was a point where we didn't know if he would make it. He was 2 lbs, 1 oz at birth and spent 5 weeks in the NICU. Today he is very healthy and is over 7.5 lbs (and growing)! So celebrating with my 3 healthy boys will make this a Mother's Day I won't forget.

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