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May 07, 2010

Affirmative Action

Christianlouboutin There are times in life when you can just tell that you're "in the zone" or on the right path. You're feeling good, you're doing well and all is right with the world. You are certain that this is the life you were meant to be living right here, right now. In my experience, these moments are fleeting. So the question is... how do we keep that state going?

I read about a very Zen approach to life once. I believe it was in a magazine I read on a flight. The contents of the article at the time seemed simple yet profound: spend a week saying yes to every opportunity that came your way. Yes, I'll join you for lunch today. Yes, I'll try that new Iced Mocha Half-Caf Grande Frappuccino. Yes, I'd like to try snorkeling. Yes, I'll take on that new project.

Hollywood types clearly read the same airline magazines I do, as by now you know 2008's Yes Man demonstrated the life-changing possibilities of this experiment. Jim Carrey's experience may have been dramatic... but don't you think saying yes for a week in your own life could yield some interesting results?

What if you indeed agreed to any and every invitation that was extended? (Barring, of course, invites for rides in suspicious white vans from strangers). Would your life change? Would your calendar be more full? Would you start to realize all of the resistance you put up from those around you? I suspect that if you would try this with me for one week you would indeed discover there's a different life experience out there waiting for you.

Life is calling... will you pick up and say hello? I urge you to pick up and see what she has to offer!

{lovely image above is not my own: These adorable little yummies were shot by Swedish photographer Therese Aldgård and styled by Swedish prop chick Lisa Edsälv. Found on Love the Cool}

What the beautiful people are saying...

That's an interesting question. Though I do believe that there are so many of us that do say yes to everything to the point of point of being overwhelmed - unfortunately I am one of them. But in the end, I rarely regret my experiences.

My boyfriend and I like nothing better than spending an evening alone cooking at home and drinking wine - and when our friends invite us to things, I always feel bad saying we can't make it, and it's because we'd rather sit at home and do nothing (even though it's true). So, yeah - my social calendar is inevitably packed, but once in a while we do say F it and let everyone know we're totally out for the count - and then we just drink champagne in bed all weekend. xxSAS

Something to say, gorgeous?

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