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October 07, 2009

The Italian Job

It's fair to say we all love our coffee. And whether you're a Starbucks regular or a brew at home whole-bean aficionado, there's a magical allure this beverage holds for those of us that enjoy the sensory experience that only coffee can deliver. Picture 21
My coffee drinking behavior is a study in contrasts. When we are not traveling abroad, I drink exclusively a Venti half-caf macchiato at Starbucks.... OR... I brew up some of Trader Joe's amazing coffee at home. One extreme or the other. I don't dabble in home cappuccinos (although we used to painstakingly make these at home every day), nor do I ever drink the brewed coffee at Starbucks (although the Via is surprisingly good, I understand).

But my coffee snobbery just took a hit when I was sent some scoop on these beautiful custom De’Longhi Artista Series espresso makers. I may just have to rethink my entire strategy if it means I can justify grabbing one of these beauties. It's the Vespa of the espresso machine world. Stainless steel accents, easy button functionality, custom artistry. It's a trifecta of good vibes to start your day.  Picture 24 Making it even more enticing? Proceeds go to support Oxfam. So my humble cup of home brew gets transformed into a fabulous experience... and I'm saving lives, helping people overcome poverty, and fighting for social justice. Hmmmm... that's a heady cup of joe.

Picture 23 Here's the skinny:

It’s one of the world’s most sought-after espresso machines and a testament to Italian design. In fact, more than one person has called the De’Longhi Perfecta a work of art. Now we are incorporating the world of art into this stunning machine with the De’Longhi Artista Series. Artists from around the globe have had their art laser-etched onto an extremely limited run of Perfectas with proceeds benefiting Oxfam America, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the fight against poverty. It’s an idea that’s worthy of raising a glass to - we suggest espresso.

If you need a bit more Italiano in your day, bid on one of these beauties on eBay. I'm partial to the John Hardy one myself. Happy bidding!

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