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August 03, 2009

The Duchess and Her Majesty

Picture 13 Picture 11 The jewelry designers at J Crew are nothing short of amazing. These are positively stunning!

What the beautiful people are saying...

Wow, this is J. Crew? They have done a great job revamping their image..I love their catalogs too..very glam. Beautiful;)

Oh my goodness. J Crew has changed DRAMATICALLY since I first knew them. Now I can really see why the First Lady shops there so much! So ding dang glamourous!

I never cared for JCrew jewelry, but I'm loving it lately. Pretty pretty!

Ok - we don't have a j Crew here, i have heard of it but never stepped in when visiting - That is one beautiful piece of Jewellery. Maybe it's time we got one.


I used to never give them a second glance. All chinos and button up shirts. If you somehow needed an argyle cashmere cardigan, they were "the place" to go. But a few years ago things changed. The women's collections became much more feminine... the jewelry began to build a cult-like following... and fashionable women everywhere began to use this as their "low" in the ever-popular high/low wardrobe mix.

I'll admit, my collection of pretty cashmere cardigans and beautiful bracelets has grown over the past few years. And if I need a cute party dress, you can order your size and know that it fits like a glove.

Gotta love that!

Le sigh. I so agree with you about the jewelry. The clothes, too, actually. I can never leave the store without buying anything.

Something to say, gorgeous?

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