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August 17, 2009

That's Some Serious Coin

Picture 21  One of my favorite magazines right now is Town & Country. I adore it. They don't weigh themselves down with fussy things like the economy and the Dow. RobertocoinI wouldn't call it escapist reading, necessarily. But if you are looking at the market, look at the market. But please, keep it out of my fashion and lifestyle magazines. T&C cooperates nicely with my desire for compartmentalization. This magazine is for those who take their leisure and their jetset lifestyle seriously. It is, bar none, my favorite glossy. Picture 19A month or so ago the issue was dedicated almost entirely to jewelry. It was there that I discovered Roberto Coin. His pieces are beautiful. What I loved most about him, however, were the things he shared in an interview. 

He is self taught. 

He believes you are either both with creativity or you are not.

He believes that design school teaches oyu to design things you've seen. To produce.

To be a creator, he asserts, is the true gift. The ability to create that which has not yet been seen.

And in true fashion, he credits his Italian genes to much of this innate sense of style and creativity. And while his pieces don't at first glance appear to me groundbreaking designs, there is a certain newness to them. A level of detail you don't quite expect. The trademark jewel hidden or inset somewhere into the design. It's marvelous, really.

I happen to agree with Roberto, by the way. You can't teach someone to have an eye for design. I've been in classes with many who wanted so desperately to be creative visually, but it just wasn't in them. True, they could learn to master certain skills...but the best creativity spills forth like a fountain that cannot be stopped. It comes from the heart, not the hands. 

And I suspect that's exactly the way Mr. Coin designs... from the heart.

What the beautiful people are saying...

Very beautiful stuff! I agree with his philosophy very much. I'm Italian, do you think that makes me more creative than others as well. ;-)

These are some beautiful pieces! I’m not impartial to animal prints so I love those. My mum says the same thing about creativity; either you're born with it or not. Well, she's Italian and a successful Byzantine Icon painter, what do you expect? All Italians pride themselves on their creative talents, be that painting, fashion, sculpture, art in general, the list goes on....
I'd like to be a bit more inclusive of what constitutes creativity, maybe because I don't wake up at 4am to add another layer on Virgin Mary just because I dreamt about it!

i want that usb key

I love it, too. Silly. Pointless. Ostentatious.... FABULOUS.

Something to say, gorgeous?

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