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July 19, 2009

You've Got Some Verve

Picture 12 When the whole world is turning "green" it only makes sense that we'll continue to see the rise of the virtual greeting card. Hallmark may reign supreme in the holiday making empire, but I'm noticing quite a few boutique brands creeping up on them. From niche brands of chic paper cards (you remember those, right?) to hip new lines of digi-greetings, it's clear that even in our age of information overload, we still crave ways to show we care by sending cards to those we love the most. Picture 17 Enter: VerveCards, boasting the tagline: wry and snappy, never sappy. And it's true. Even their belated birthday cards don't venture into begging for forgiveness territory. Make no mistake...these aren't for everyone. But if you need a quippy card for that smartypants sister of yours, I suspect you'll find just the message you seek in their card catalog. Consider yourselves warned...the messages are just as punchy as the colors!

What the beautiful people are saying...

Always looking for ways to go a little greener -- preferably in style! Bold design, brash (but not offensive), humor -- totally moi! Thanks, Franki!

"Wry and snappy -- never sappy!" I Love it! Just what I'm looking for when I care enough to send the very best. These cards fit my taste. I signed up. Thanks for the suggestion!

You are so welcome. :)

Amazing! Dazzling color, and witty, clever copy--I LOVE these e-cards! I've wasted hours hunting through lame Yahoo greetings only to come up empty...now the only hard part is deciding which inspired e-card to send! Thanks for sharing this great find!

Glad to hear it, Jane!

Something to say, gorgeous?

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