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June 22, 2009

Work in Progress

Balance The "venti challenge" was intended to take one week. I've come to recognize that I'll need two weeks to do the process justice. Over the past week I've done things I'd been putting off, braved new frontiers, knocked myriad things off my to-do list and boldly stepped in a new direction. But I found that I needed to organize my physical world before I focused on my future.

I anticipated a week of journaling and goal setting, but recognized that I wasn't going to be able to focus on anything until I deep cleaned my surroundings from top to bottom. Please, please... appreciate that this is a feature in my programming, not a bug. I've since organized every drawer in my home, decked out my closet like so that it shimmers like the interiors of a Tory Burch boutique, scrubbed my floors and rewashed nearly every item in my wardrobe. After all, once I cut out television I discovered I had quite a bit of time on my hands.

So this week is going to be the week where I get to the meat of the process. If you're playing along at home, feel free to join me in my continuation. Already done? Then you should be basking in the glow of your newly framed future. Drop me a note and let me know what your vision for life looks like. I'll certaily be sharing mine once I'm done.

What the beautiful people are saying...

This is a constant for me...I feel like I'm always shaping my life and making lists of to-dos and goals. I think that life is a work in progress and every day we are closer to figuring it out. Some days are better than others though, of course. Sometimes I feel like I have no clue where I'm going...I use those days to brainstorm some more...

Something to say, gorgeous?

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