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June 14, 2009

If You Want More, More, More...Jump!

This is one of my absolute favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies. Hugh Grant dancing - and being completely embarrassed once caught - in Love Actually. I love thinking that Tony Blair or "Dubya" had this kind of a fun moment on the evening they first won their elections. There's something great about seeing someone's private celebration of victory. (please...please...no political comments...this isn't that kind of blog)

This video kicks off day one of my Change Your Life in Just One Week event. Here is how the week is going to look for me:

Turn it off: no television whatsoever in the evenings. I'll just have to assume Dina will be there when I'm ready to watch her fabulousness next week on Tivo. (I love you, Dina!)

Let it go: I've decided I have to behavioral addictions I need to kick this week. First, shopping. That's right. Unless it's food or gas for my car I won't be shopping this week. No fashion purchases. No shoes, no jeans, no tops, no dresses. Nada. Actually, it's not about buying things or spending. I find very little I actually like enough to purchase. I'm extremely selective and it has to be beyond perfect for me to call it my own. But I need to stop looking for things to covet. I'm always on the prowl for gorgeous new things. I need just one week away from this habit. It's not just time consuming it's joy-robbing. It must stop. (Can I kick it? "yes, you can!")

Next...brewed no coffee after my morning cup. You might be curious about this...I seem to be consuming an odd amount of decaf coffee later in the day. There's nothing good in a cup of decaf coffee, no matter how good the coffee beans are. It's really a cup of creamer and Splenda. This has to go. I have no problem with the occasional afternoon decaf espresso-based Starbucks drink...but this home-brewed business must be put to an end.

It's summer. Time for taking my little one to the pool in the evenings, read a book in a park (I'm reading The Alchemist, currently) long walks with good friends, going to the art museum in the heat of the afternoon, donating those clothes to charity, enjoying dinner al fresco. There's so much I'm looking forward to doing this week and thereafter. Basically, less time at the computer and more time living out loud...dancing in the halls like Hugh Grant if you will.

Face your fears: I've got cards to mail, packages to ship, auctions to run, closets to clean, to-do items to accomplish and returns to take to stores. For some reason I keep delaying these things. It's not so much fear as putting off the unpleasantness of the tasks. There's just nothing fun about running up to J. Crew to do a return in the middle of the day. But it needs to be done and I'll be better and rest easier once I've accomplished these tasks.

But the real thing I've been putting off? I have a collection of artwork I've been working on for eons. It isn't that I'm putting it off, I've just been too busy working and living to get it completed. I've got to determine a stopping point and put it up online in a cute little boutique I built - oh, about a year ago! It's lovely. It's venti. It's fun. And It's something I'd like to share, and a portion of proceeds are going to a charity for which I have a special place in my heart. So it's time I kicked that off and made things happen.
Life designing:
and now...the good stuff. I've got my journal ready and am absolutely thrilled to be taking a fresh look at what the ideal future will look like. You should read the original post if you need a better understanding of this task. This is the most crucial part.True, I do this annually, but life has changed SO much in one year. It's been an amazing year and I have newer, bigger dreams. I want so much more out of life - and trust me, my goals before would have blown you away. But now I see the opportunity to make a bigger difference, help more people, do more, see more, be more. And I need to write that down and take a good hard look at the fabulous future ahead.You have to do this fearlessly in a completely uninhibited manner. Don't think about an extension of the present - imagine the future you'd design is ANYTHING were possible. No limits. No barriers. NO fears.

And so...if you need a life tuneup an excuse to reassess or just a break from your typical pattern, I invite you to join me. I've emailed with MANY of you and it sounds like there's a huge group of us doing it. Please feel free to leave your comments. I've posted my specific commitments above...I'd love to know yours!

What the beautiful people are saying...

i wish you the best week ever!

Thanks, Julianne! It's starting off with a bang. Lots of good things set in motion :)

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