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December 16, 2008

Shopping...A Clandestine Affair?

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Can I ask you a question? Are you scooping up the designer goods you've been wanting? I mean, now that we are in what could be called "the great sale of 2008" are you jumping on the opportunity to grab that Prada, those cashmere sweaters or that fabulous classic trench that you've been putting off? I hope so. Don't go into debt to buy it, but if you've go the cash on hand I hope you are taking advantage of the gleaming upside to this economic downturn.

The NYT had a particularly interesting piece on women (and presumably men) shopping in secret. Dubbed: covert consumption. It has become (according to some) impolite to flaunt your new conquests in an economic downturn. Gauche to be seen carrying home brand name goodies in a moment in time when Wal-Mart reigns supreme.

So upscale shoppers are hosting trunk shows in their homes and flocking to online sales. In fact, my eBay auctions are on fire with people buying lovely things. The "great sale" as we may look back and call it, has placed once overpriced items at values that are hard to resist. And some of our well-heeled sisters are quietly padding their closets with furs and finery. Are you seeing more of your UPS man and less of your usual sales associates?

I wonder...are you "self gifting" this year? Are you stocking up on classics? Are you finally getting those once 'out of reach'  luxury items? Are you abstaining? Have you decked your halls?

What the beautiful people are saying...

I'm stocking up on necessary things - like a gorgeous bejeweled New Year's Eve dress and heels. A girl needs a bit of sparkle even in these darks times.

If I come across the right thing, it might definitely be the time to pull the trigger. I haven't seen anything quite enough of a deal yet, though.

Totally! You caught me. I've been buying nothing BUT designer apparel and shoes. The prices are too irresistable, and I want to get "more brand" (more value, imo) for my buck. Maybe this is because the things I'm buying aren't necessities - they are wants. So why would I settle for a cheap brand when faced with what I truly want - a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps - at a great price?

*steps off soap box*

I wanted to give my husband a surprise South African safari trip for his 40th b-day and our 5th anniv. next year. A lavish trip like this, you can't exactly hide. So, we've decided to postpone the trip until the economy is better and our friends' and families' conditions are also better.

We've held off. But I'm not sure how I'll do once the January sales hit. How low can they go?

I'm a bit of a mixture myself... many of the things I like are bound to either be sold out or at least sold out in my size come Christmas day. I've scored lots of designer denim at 40% off or more (yessss!) I'm now stalking cashmere and fitted jackets. And, Anna... if I find my peeptoe Louboutins in my size in black leather... they are mine, baby! Mine!

Just doing my part to help the economy. But I will concede, it has all been delivered to my door. *blushes*

Totally guilty!!! i went shopping last night and I think I bought one thing for me for every item I purchased for somebody else. ssssssshhhhhh!!!! don't tell Santa, as I am still hoping for his gifts.

ssshhh...don't tell anyone. I am guilty as charged.

Scrimp & Save mode here!
Luxuries here are reserved for the simple things which bring the most pleasure, home made cookies, or knitted items.
Designer labels seem very passe.

I have been splurging on savings and putting extra money in my Mad Money account. I know, not outwardly sexy but I feel just great which is the best gift I can give me.

Franki, you've been Tagged! Visit my blog at www.patranila.blogspot.com

oh, i'm usually the worst at self gifting, a little for you, a little for me. but this year I've been SO GOOD!

I just wanted to hop over and say happy holidays franki!

your first christmas with Samantha, what a wonderful year this will be (and it just gets more and more fun!)

Well, first, it's good to catch back up with ya. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed working through your special visit to Paris posts this afternoon. That was an amazing idea and I took notes!

As for the shopping, I read that Times article as well, but it just reminded me that I have so little in common with the upper-eastsiders. :) I've been stealing up all the bargains lately, enjoying these sales while they last!

Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful times with your lovely family and enjoy the tiny ones first! Warmest Regards, Charlie

Love your blog! The aesthetics and content are fab!


A good post on Shopping.


Ladies, my UPS man is here almost daily. It would be embarrassing it it weren't so much fun - and if I weren't scoring such amazing deals.

Long live home delivery!

Something to say, gorgeous?

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