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July 16, 2008

In Good Company


I can't explain why, but I've always been a sucker for profile assessment tests. There's some irresistible pleasure I derive from answering questions and having the results churn out an attempt at pigeon holing me. I suppose it's like horoscopes (which I do not read). Sometimes they are right. Sometimes they are comically vague. But on occasion you get to laugh and admit that they are dead on accurate.

So when Lucy pointed out that I could have my style analyzed on MyDeco, I couldn't resist. I've been on the site myriad times, but somehow missed the Style Finder feature. To be honest, I spend most of my time playing with other features like Plan My Room and marveling at the subtle differences between architecture and design between the States the UK.

But imagine my surprise when the crystal ball churned out my results as masculine. Masculine? Me? Let me take that test again. Nope. Same results.

For a family home, your style is surprisingly masculine. Perhaps it's to do with all the gadgets you own, though more likely about the choices you make when it comes to colour and functionality of design. Chances are, perhaps, that your busy lifestyle might add an element of unavoidable disorder to an otherwise orderly and disciplined aesthetic.

Apparently, I'm also an alpha-male and when it comes to entertaining, I "like to pull out all the stops." I'd say that's true. Okay...not the alpha-male part so much as alpha-female. But I have to admit, I like things clean and orderly. I love clean lines, warm woods, plush textures and modern art. The challenge of broad stroke analysis like this is that I also love curvaceous crystal chandeliers, "unnecessary" (according to Mr. Venti) pillows and floor to ceiling silk drapes that puddle 'ever-so-perfectly' on the floor.

In typical Venti style, I went on a mission to disprove the notion that my style is indeed masculine. I set out to search (on MyDeco) for celebrity rooms I felt I could live in. I was willing to bet they'd be primarily female celebs. How did I fare? Here are my results...


I gravitated towards Robert DeNiro's warm and inviting living room above.


I craved Bruce Willis's brightly lit space with Barcelona chairs, ivory sofas and a mink blanket (who wouldn't?).


If this bedroom is any indication, Matt Damon has impeccable taste and loves to collect worldly artifacts on his travels (as do I). But... are you noticing a trend? Three men in a row.


My saving grace came when I discovered Angelina Jolie and I shared identical tastes. Of course... she's not what one would call decidedly feminine woman. Alpha-female, yes. Girly? Only if it helps her seduce a man. What? Too honest? You know it's true. Regardless of her man-eating ways, I think she's gorgeous, fabulous and unapologetically bold. So, "yay, me!" for sharing her design aesthetic. 

Alas, the test results say my aesthetic is decidedly manly. Please don't tell Mr. Venti. Having said that, it appears I have impeccable taste, shared by celebs I actually appreciate. (Who doesn't love Jason Bourne and Lara Croft?)

What style are you?

What the beautiful people are saying...

Thanks for the link back! You do, indeed, have fabulous taste. I agree; Robert De Niro's living room is stunning.

what a fun test!!! Thanks for the link! Great style you have :)

I just got the 'sleek chic' style on the quiz...and it says I have a man's styling for the bedroom. Hmm. Going to pore through all the pics and see what that means (LOL)

You do have fabulous taste though; and I ADORE all the rooms shown above!! I'm not at all surprised Matt Damon has such lovely taste, although Bruce Willis is a surprise. Big fan of his, so I'm glad to see he has a fabulous home too (loving the room-height sheer curtains/drapes). And Angelina, well of course she'd be fabulous. Everything about her is fabulous!

I like these rooms' classical structure (symmetry, tall windows, chimnepiece, etc) with a modern touch of sleek furnitures and colours...

Lucy, It really is, isn’t it? I would love to know the color on the walls.

Simply Grove, Too much fun isn’t it? I think I could waste a little time there each week ;)

Minxlj, You vixen! I so wanted to get “sleek chic” on mine! LOL! I still disagree with the results. Not the masculine part so much as the minimalism. I’m far more of a creature of comfort than they predicted. I think the photos available for choices make a world of difference.

Bruce Willis was a HUGE surprise. I agree. What a hot room. Stunning.

Jakthong. Is that really you? WOW! I've missed you! I'm off to read your blog to see if oyu ever made it back to the city of lights...

I got "sleek chic" as well though they described my bedroom as very masculine. I'm with on liking sleek lines and no clutter. I'd call my aesthetic W Hotel with punchy color.

Oooohhh. Good description, Anne. The W without the local call charge. Lovely ;)

Wow, so much fun. I received the results "Retro Chic" which was spot on. Thanks for sharing.

So fun! I could see myself enjoying a strong drink at Deniro's home and Damon's home seems like absolute heaven!

I ran two tests because I didn't know if I was satisfied with the results. But they both came back simple chic, which I do agree with. I lean toward classic furniture and simple color palettes, then I add pops of color and look for unique pieces as finishing touches.

Apparently, I "love good times and glamour in the bedroom." Completely fun.

glamorous: Yowza! Those are very telling results LOL! I’m addicted to the test. I keep taking it to skew my results. Very funny.

Neha... Your tastes sound very much like mine. I must not like the image choices I'm being presented. Oh, the mystery of the quiz! :)

Tiff, not a bad result! I love that description.

um, robert deniro's living room- wow that cowhide lounger has my name all over it!

great picks

yipppeee! i love a good personality quiz, and even more so when it has to do with design! my result was 'laid-back luxury'. i couldn't have put it better myself! probably the first time i found an accurate quiz...

thanks for this little midday distraction :)

Alpha-male? You? naaaah. I love your taste Franki! Nothing wrong with liking clean lines with a bit of sparkle :) The rooms you showed above I think are gorgeous!

Jessica: who knew Bobby D had such nice taste? :)

Cassandra...that's a great result! And if you're like me, you'll goback a few times just to spin the roulette wheel of design ;)

Alkemie: Girl, I almost died! What a weird result! I blame the funny UK-oriented images I had to choose from :)

Thank you for this test.......I am now masculine......and, I am totally in pink most of the time-!!

going to take the test now. All those rooms are divine!

Something to say, gorgeous?

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