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September 26, 2007

Looking at My Blogroll It's About That Time

Fenetre For whatever reason, my blogroll is not accurately reflecting some of the better blogs I frequent. Rather than silently add them I thought it best to share in case you yourself have not taken note of these lovely bloggers (although by the looks of comments you've all been visiting them for some time). Either way, here we go...

Brilliant Asylum. How in the world did I overlook adding you, sweetheart? One of my favorite blogs. It's fun, peppy and always on point. One of my daily indulgences, and my apologies for the oversight. Such a keeper.

Cote de Texas. Now here's a woman who throws her heart into each post. She's no stranger to you, it just took me a while to add this to my list of daily reads. Once I discovered her true passion for design I was hooked. Her posts must take ages to put together. I admire that. Keep up the great work - and thank you for the time you put into your blog. It shows.

Beach Bungalow 8. Another blogger having way too much fun. Sorry it took me so long to add you to my sidebar! I consistently admire how much thought goes into each of your carefully crafted posts.

Jackie Von Tobel of Jackie Blue Home. Here's a woman with a keen eye for detail and the desire to explore all facets of design. Don't miss her latest controversial post. Too much fun for one girl to have by herself. Keep it up Jackie. We love you for it.

Design for Mankind
. Such an egalitarian name, isn't it? Here's a blogger that really takes time assembling a collection of images to tell a story in each post. A great eye for fresh design and a nice addition to my daily reads.

The Paris Apartment
. No introduction necessary. Oui, Oui mon cherie! (from whom the image seen above is from...)

Style Saves the World. Eco-chic, baby! Her mantra is "Saving the world, one stylish day at a time." and as far as I can tell she is on pace to do so. Very fun. Very on-trend. Love her!

So that's my latest series of updates and I highly recommend you take time to look at all of these blogs. I can't believe how much fun we're all having as our group of design-centric blogs grows. It's thrilling to be a part of such a smart, highly-observant group. Let's continue having this much fun, shall we? :)

What the beautiful people are saying...

hey franki,
thanks for the pimp-out!

mutual love,


Thanks for sharing some great sites! I read Brilliant Asylum everyday and love it and now I'm excited to check out Paris Apartment and Design for Mankind. They look like fun. I don't know where I'm going to find the time to read more blogs but they look worth it!

Wow, I just saw this, thanks so much! You know, now I have to check MY blogroll. Lately, I just tend to add all my favs to Googleread and forget all about the roll. This is a great idea to remind people to update them.

Franki--- THANKS for the shout out! I think much the same of your posts... only you have an unlimited amount of insight to give. I LOOOVE the time you put into this thing.


hi franki
i'm honored to be a part of your blogroll and love your visits! Now i have even more on my To Do list with these blogs you mentioned, so thanks a lot... can't wait do get to it!!!

Oh, those are so wonderful. Some new ones I've never heard of. What a fabulous list.

you are so welcome, all of you! I've been replying to you by email, but realized I needed to comment via the blog for everyone else. So great to hear from each of you - but the appreciation is for each of you for giving me something new to discover each day! :)

Don't know how I missed this! Thanks so much for including me. I feel so special !!!! What a great group of design psychos ( I mean that in the most affectionate way ) we've got going! Love them all.

Hi Franki! Thanks for the sweet mention. I can't believe I missed this post the other day.

I must return the compliment--I am in great company!

Something to say, gorgeous?

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