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August 13, 2007

Mod Summer Giveaway: Stylize Your Life

enter to win

Whether your style is avant garde or classic, PulpFactory ensures you can keep in touch with friends and loved ones in style using their chic note cards and stationery goods. Enter for your chance to win a prize package from their wide selection of gorgeous paper goods.

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Three fabulous winners will receive a prize package worth $33! To win, simply leave a comment on this post by August 27th telling us about your favorite summer vacation. It can be a trip you've already taken or an escape you're planning for the not-so-distant future. Happy sharing -  and good luck, everyone!

What the beautiful people are saying...

St. Petersburg during White Nights. The food, the architecture, the art! We saw churches and toured the Hermitage. Best of all as we walked around the city we saw tons of couples getting married. They were all taking their photos in the parks and near the Neva. In Russia I almost felt like royalty.

My favorite summer vacation was actually camping out in the backyard with my four year. Cheap and relaxing!

i really won't to win this

I love going to Cancun and being waited on hand and foot. Pampering is the best kind of summer vacation.

2 weeks in Australia was by far my best vacation! I was in love, traveling with that person, and enjoying all that Australia had to offer!!

Laying on the beach, reading during the day. At night, watchinig the sunset at the beach. What a joy

My favorite summer get-away memory was when our son was just 2. We went mountain camping, using a motorhome for 7 days. The stream we camped near delighted our son, the fish floating by made his laughter ring out over the campgrounds and even now, I smile just remembering his obvious excitement and delight.

My favorite summer vacation is when my family and I went to DisneyWorld. We only went once, but it was so much fun for everyone. I smile just thinking about it.
Thanks for the contest.

My favorite summer vacation happened many years ago on a beach in Lloret de Mar, Spain. It's not your typical sandy beach, but full of rocks and coves and sea anemones, etc. It was a positive treasure trove of sea creatures and totally amazed my two sons. They brought me pail after pail of things to see and I enjoyed seeing the beach through their eyes.

My favorite summer vacation was last year when we took the girls to Disneyland. The Magic Kingdom is always my favorite place to go!

Life is short so get to the places you have dreamed of while you are able. Hopefully you will have years to reflect.

Great comments, everyone. I have to agree with Diana for her last comment. The difference between those who travel and those who do not is simple: travelers buy the plane ticket rather than talk about buying the ticket.

It's simple. Plan it. Book it. Live it. Love it.


thanks for this lovely sweeps

The best vacation was this year! My husband and I went to Cancun without our little guy. We were able to enjoy our vacation and not take it for granted. Lots and lots of rest and lots and lots of sun. Can't get any better than that! Check it out on my blog.

My favorite was going to Valley Fair in MN as a kid. We'd get there early and spend the whole day. What a blast.

Great sweep!

Taking the children to visit their Grandma and watching them spend the summer running care free on the beach with their cousins - just like I used to do.

My favorite vacation memory is being in awe of the beauty at the Grand Canyon.

My favorite summer vacation was spending the summer in the southern part of France in a little cottage that we rented. Lazy summer days eating fresh strawberries everyday - it was so relaxing and absolutely wonderful!

Greatest vacation so far was renting a house in Cape Cod with a bunch of friends. Dancing all night, going to the beach and barbecuing in the day...

Puerto Rico on the cheap was definitely my favorite vacation. Who says a mom, a boy and her cousin can't get away and just relax. Succulent lobster shared by 4, beaches so blue you can't help but stare at your toes..and the people..who opened up their arms and spirit to us. The rainforest..the walks..the laughter..oh what a vacation.

The best vacation was this year! My husband and I went to NJ for the NHRA races. The trip was a win so it was all paid for.

Going up to Cherokee and walking around looking at all the gift shops then getting a bite to eat at one of the restaurants.

yah yah

Excellent website! Thank you

Hope I win :)


Probably last summer's trip to Maine, where we saw bison, moose, elk, deer, and more. My daughters were amazed

Thinking of my favourite vacation always makes me smile - San Francisco. I fell in love with the place and visited twice in 2003, and I can't wait to go back. The architecture, the people, the designers, the bay - it is my perfect place. :-)

I havent been to too many places, so my favorite place so far is Sea Isle City, NJ. Its on the Atlantic Ocean shoreline. I love the ocean, its a peaceful place, and i can clear my mind and refresh my soul. The sunrise is awesome. A place i would go every year...and we try.

My husband and I are taking our first vacation in eight years! We are going to L.A. in a month! I cannot wait!!

My favorite summer vacation is when my family and I went to DisneyWorld. We only went once, but it was so much fun for everyone. I smile just thinking about it.

Spent time in Hilton Head with my family this summer.


Need . . . coffee . . .

Just went to Cape Cod for the first time and thought it was beautiful!

My favorite summer vacation was a trip I took with my parents to Isla Mujeres, off the coast of Mexico. Beautiful blue water, lots of great guacamole and margs and snorkeling!

wife will really like it

My favorite summer trip actually happens just about every summer (as long as hurricanes aren't around). My husband, kids, my mom and dad, brother, wife, two kids all stay in a condo for a week on the beach and really enjoy our time together. The kids play in the sand while the guys have a marathon football toss in the gulf. The girls can usually sneak off to do some outlet shopping. We go to Perdido, Orange Beach or Destin, Florida.

did someone say outlet shopping? ;)

I have to say, I grew up near the beach and have so many great summer memories it would be hard to pin down just one. But I do enjoy the mediterranean coast due to its perpetual summer vibe and perfect weather. That would be my favorite summer place, dining on fresh seafood in seaside cafes with ample 'people watching' on the menu as well. It doesn't get much better!

disney world

Hands down a glorious 27-hour gettaway with my husband to Depoe Bay's Chart House for my 40th birthday and our 15th anniversary.

Sheer bliss. :)


Hope I win! Thank you.

Anywhere alone with my husband is my kind of vacation - especially of the sun and sand are at hand!

camping at big trees

Italy was the best summer vacation ever because it was so relaxing and walkable.

Touring Northern Italy in an RV for a week with our best friends was my favorite summer getaway ever.

OOPS! I meant to say Depoe Bay's "Channel House"... though the Chart House is a great restaurant in Portland... :)

A cruise to Antartica, I even got a free Parka!

My weekend at a B&B in the Texas Hill Country was the best!

My favorite vacation was with the hubby to the beautiful land of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Just the two of us for 4 days. It was sheer bliss. The Atlantic is not quite as pretty as the Caribbean but the peace and quiet of being virtually the only ones on the beach and in the water was so worth it!

My favorite vacation was our 'dream' trip to Italy last year. Florence,Rome,Naples,Sicily(where grandpa was born)and Venice. We had a 4 hr. layover in Paris, and took the train to see Notre Dame. LOVED all of it.The best part,was just being with my family,as we explored...

The summer between my junior and senior of high school, we drove from California to DC. We visited a lot of historical sites. I especially enjoyed the Smithsonian Museums. I look forward to taking my kids their someday.

My favorite summer vacation was a trip to England, France, Switzerland and Germany. Of course it was.

My husband and I traveled to southern Austria on the border of Italy two years ago for EuroVespa...the European Vespa scooter rally.

It was in a resort village called Klagenfurt surrounding Lake Worthersee. Who would have ever known about this place, absolutely amazing? Vienna is my most favorite place anywhere and is a well know destination, but Worthersee is a little off the radar...just an hour or so from Udine, Italy...another fabulous spot to visit and shop.

This area is kind of the Riviera of Austria...absolutely gorgeous and unreal with mountains, lake and forest...just breathtaking. Small villages surround the lake and it is definitely the place to see and be seen...the Viennese summer vacation there.

It was certainly a treat and an amazing place to ride Vespas. Being the only Americans there at the rally (my husband is the President of Vespa Club of American) we were treated with unending hospitality and made some amazing lifelong friends. We will definitely go back someday soon.

Hmmm...hard to pick. Maybe a beautiful havali I stayed in in Udaipur

I will say my honeymoon. We stayed in Tortuga Bay in Punta Cana which was decorated by Oscar De La Renta and the service is just amazing.

p.s. thank you for stopping by and comment in my blog.

I will say my honeymoon. We stayed in Tortuga Bay in Punta Cana which was decorated by Oscar De La Renta and the service is just amazing.

p.s. thank you for stopping by and comment in my blog.

I went to Ireland with my husband two summers ago - it was our first trip anywhere out of the country, and we still talk about it. Too much, probably. DIngle was amazing, and we drank SO MUCH GUINNESS.

best summer vacation was spent with my mom--she was the best mom ever! Love you and miss you mom!

The beach with my 1 & 3 yr olds. What an easy vacation, all day spent lazily playing in a giant "sandbox"!

My favorite summer memory was my and my husband's first anniversary! Our next big step? Hopefully lil babes.

Driving to Pismo Beach- hanging out.... just the two of us- newly in love. It was a time.

St. George Island, Florida. A small island, one whole side of my family, to-die-for beach houses, collecting sand dollars and watching the dolphins swim early in the morning, catching baby shark off the big bridge over the ocean, flip-flops, blissful exhaustion at the days end.

My favoriate summer vacation was honeymooning with my husband. We went to the Carmel, California in early July when it was hot in Missouri, but perfect there. The weather alone made it perfect, but additionally:

Our first night was at Highlands Inn ( http://highlandsinn.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/index.jsp). Pricey but breathtaking and worth it. Our room was high on a cliff with an ocean view. Then we stayed a week at Quail Lodge (http://quaillodge.com/) for an entire week. Luxury and pampering with a lovely staff and beautiful grounds.

Our week in Carmel included:

- a glorious (and scary!) ride in a convertable along Highway 1

- amazing food featuring local fresh produce at every single restaurant (the strawberries, cherries & artichokes were all in season plus lettuces)

- sleeping late, breakfast at the club of our resort, then a leisurely game of tennis and goofing off the rest of the day

- finding a fortune cookie bakery in an alley in Chinatown (jaunt up to San Francisco) and watching this little elderly Chinese woman hand fold each cookie as it came out of the oven

- the beautiful coast line parks with waves crashing and sea lions playing

It was fun, relaxing, and best of all, I shared it with my sweetheart.

Being that we are a large family, we don't take big vacations anymore. That would get expensive for this family of 9.

However, we do take mini vacations... day trips... and one of the ones we took this summer was to Chickamauga Battlefield in Fort Oglethorpe, GA. We toured the civil war battlefield along the auto tour and visited the new museum and renovated house that now holds a huge antique gun collection. The Museum was fascinating with interactive media and wonderful displays. We enjoyed ourselves immensely! We also visit Cloudland Canyon State Park on top of Lookout Mountain which is not far from the Battlefiled there in Georgia. What beautiful scenery!!

Well, I'm a girl of short-term memory and I just got back from a little short get-away with my husband - it has been one of the first ones since my son was born. We just headed over to Cincinnati for a day at The Beach Waterpark and King's Island. Wow - what fun . . . felt like a kid again!

We had a family reunion at Jellystone Park

We do go on day trips and small vacations. I really love going to the Chickamauga Battlefield in Fort Oglethorpe, GA.. I love Civil War stuff! I wish I could go to more Battlefields someday.

Since we have a big family it is hard to go on a lot of vacations.

This year for my birthday I treated myself to a 14 day cruise across the Atlantic ocean(all by myself)for some self-enforced rest. I started in Rio de Janeiro and finished in Barcelona and crossed the equator after the 6th day at ses. It was a total of 14 days at sea with one stop only at the Canary Islands. Heaven. When the ship crossed the equator the skies opened up and there was a true equatorial downpour. I treated myself to every beauty treatment the spa had to offer and all I packed was swimsuits and shorts in one suitcase and books and more books in the other suitcase.

My favorite vacation was when I was 9 years old and went to North Carolina. It was beautiful there!

My favorite Vacation is camping with the kids. We do it once a year.I have done this with my chilfren evry yearfor the past 15 year. It is wonderful to be able to enjoy the world and awesome things in nature with out any interuptions

My favorite vacation was one that I took with my parents and younger brothers when I was about 13. We rented a little houseboat and spent a few days on Lake Powell. The scenery there is amazing! I am hoping that now that I have my own kids I cam take them there some day.

Just returned from taking my two grandsons to Brazil for ten days - what an adventure!!!

My best summer vacation was my honeymoon...we went to Maine, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. We had such a great time!

thank you

I would have to say that my favorite vacation was my honeymoon. We went to Riviera Maya, Mexico. It was fantastic!! The weather was great and the snorkeling was fantastic too!

Great Website. I love the contest idea too!

Have an awesome day

My husband and I try to make it to Hawaii on an annual vacation... Last year we took all of our kiddos to the Big Island and had a ball!

My favorite summer vacation so far was probably 2 summers ago when we drove across 3 provinces in canada and went camping all the way along...and the best part was camping in the mountains...wow...they are GORGEOUS!! I love camping by the way!! :)

I'm going to Alaska in September and can't wait!

I've had so many wonderful vacations. I'll pick 2:

Honeymoon in Bora Bora/Moorea with my husband
8 month trip living and working and traveling all over Europe with my husband that got cut short when we got pregnant with my baby boy!!!!

I met my husband on spring break on a cruise.

I always like going to the cottage for the summer when I was a kid.


my husband and I made a trip through Montana and Yellowstone Park - the mountains were beautiful!

It doesn't get better than Maui!

It doesn't get better than Maui!

I went to Sydney Australia for a week a few years ago. That was a wonderful vacation-we got to pet kangaroos, parasail and climb the bridge. What fun!

I went to Sydney Australia for a week a few years ago. That was a wonderful vacation-we got to pet kangaroos, parasail and climb the bridge. What fun!


I think that my favorite vacation by far will be in 2 years. We will be taking all 3 of our boys on their first trip to Disney World and Sea World. We are planning to stay in the Animal Kingdom Hotel, but we want them to be a bit older...and all potty trained before we go:-) Thanks for a great contest!

My favorite vacation was my honeymoon. We stayed in a mountain cabin and did a lot of sight seeing.

love this stuff

I want to escape to Tahiti.

My favorite vacation was when I was a little kid and got to go to Disney World. So much fun!

My honeymoon cruise to Alaska...amazing!

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